John Henison and the silver calabash by Eric M.M Ikpah

A young archeologist must summon the courage to dislodge mythical creatures from his university campus.

John henison and the silver calabash

John henison is a young, unloved and underappreciated child.  He is very hardworking and determined but that never gets to be seen as he nobody takes him seriously or gives him the respect he deserves. 

Deep inside him, he knows he is special and gifted but has never been called upon to prove his worth.

Soon after arriving Creek view university, he starts noticing strange occurrences around him and he must find a way to prove his worth.  


Language: English

Keywords: action adventure, fantasy

Word Count: 27606

Sales info:

Its a somewhat new book and its sales are gradually climbing.

Sample text:

Squatting on the floor of Lizzy's kitchen, He searched the kitchen cabinet desperately for a bottled liquid soap used in washing cars. He needed it in order to wash his aunt’s extensive collection of sports cars. John painstakingly searched all fourteen cupboards before he found it lying under the kitchen sink. As he stood up and turned to take his leave, he saw his aunt descending a spiral staircase. John  looked her briefly in the eyes and greeted her in a small pitched voice:

“Good morning ma, how was your night?”

“I'm fine.” came a sharp reply from aunt Lizzy who was dressed in a black corporate suit with her long dark hair neatly packed with a black ribbon.

John Henison’s aunt Lizzy was a very successful arbitration lawyer. She was a fair-skinned woman of about 35 years. She drove the most expensive cars around town but was a very stingy person. She only thought of herself and her daughter and never cared a hoot about John’s financial needs. Once she had paid his school fees and provided food for the family, she felt she had done everything. She was also a very knavish hypocrite. John had to work two or three menial jobs in order to meet up with his ever-growing financial needs.

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Already translated. Translated by Catherine Zouganeli
Author review:
She delivered ahead of time, did a great job.
Already translated. Translated by Marlon Acuña
Author review:
She's amazing.

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