Islamic Jesus - Was he the Christ of God? by John McClure

Prophet Muhammad described Jesus Christ, but did his scribes tell us something?

Islamic jesus - was he the christ of god?

Both the Bible and the Quran recognize and discuss the concepts of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. There is no doubt that the interpretation of the Trinity concept is a source of divergence in the handling of these fundamental characters of the Godhead. It appears that Prophet Muhammad echoes Jesus Christ, but his scribes did not understand his revelations.
This book compares what these great men have to say about the relevance of salvation to the final judgment of God; and what that has to with Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost.

Genre: RELIGION / General

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Sample text:

The Creator

It is understandable that some of us are irritated if not consider it outright blasphemy, by a suggestion that some form of sexual contact took place between Mary and God, or his angels. This is in fact sacrilegious. However, we must remember that the power to create, the power that orders, "Be" and it appears, resides in God; and He has the authority to use that power as He chooses. Hence, if God chose to create a son to live among men, it is really a readily feasible matter. And this is what He confirmed at the baptism of Jesus Christ by the River Jordan. The Prophet said,

"And (remember) her who guarded her chastity: We breathed into her of Our spirit, and We made her and her son a sign for all peoples" (Sura 21:91).

These direct citations from Prophet Muhammad confirm the atypical form of conception of the man - Jesus Christ. That in fact, God has a human son. The biological parameters of the conception may confuse the human intellect, but the spiritual dimensions are very obvious. The purpose of the whole phenomenon was also clarified, in that Jesus Christ was to become a sign for everyone. It is the true nature of that sign that has remained contestable through all generations. That he was extraordinary has never been contested. Although, comparisons have been attempted, the uniqueness of Jesus is not deniable.

In other words, sexual contact with Mary in the manner that man understands it cannot be a must law for God to obey. This is left to our limited intellectual judgment. He created the whole set up including the universe and its contents, making Him the inventor. If we treat human inventors with honor, there is no reason why God should be disrespected.

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