Lifestyle advice for living a more satisfying life, trying to increase our longevity naturally.

Is it possible to live 100 years?

Overcoming barriers to longevity that once seemed impossible are becoming more common every day. Scientific advances, particularly in the area of health, and better nutrition are enabling human beings to significantly increase their life expectancy.

But the reasons that allow some people to prevail for over a hundred years of existence remain largely a mystery.

After a year of research, this brief manual, which is not intended to be empirical or to make firm pledges, recommends a series of habits and tips collected from eminent scientists and interviews with people who have far exceeded the barrier of a century.

I hope you find this as exciting to read as was collecting this interesting information has been for me, as I belong to a family with multiple cases of extreme longevity.

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Is it possible to live 100 years?


The answer cannot be blunter: YES.


There are countries, such as Spain and Japan where life expectancy is especially high. In the former, there are more than 11,000 people who live over a hundred years and in the latter, 54,000. Therefore we can deduce straight away not only that it’s possible, but that it is increasingly likely.


Yet, we must emphasize that FORTUNE, as in many aspects of our existence, plays its role in the attainment of a long life. Armed conflicts, epidemics, accidents and other vicissitudes of fate are beyond our control. In this manual we will focus on those aspects which, to a greater or lesser extent, we are able to affect and therefore are dependent on our free will.


If you dream of living a long life, these tips will certainly help you reach it. But death is still a quirk of fate, tricky to control.

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