Intimate Conversations with the Holy Spirit Book 1 by Matthew Robert Payne

The Holy Spirit is alive and waiting to speak to you.

Intimate conversations with the holy spirit book 1

The Holy Spirit is alive and waiting to speak to you. For too long the Holy Spirit has been ignored or simply used for His gifts and not even considered as a person of the Trinity that one could have an intimate relationship with. In Intimate Conversations with the Holy Spirit, you will find Matthew's journey into getting to know the Holy Spirit.

Come and listen to this private journal as Matthew opens up to the Holy Spirit about his life, his problems and his sins, and listens to the advice and comfort that the Holy Spirit brings to him. Come and listen to how the Holy Spirit wants to be known and loved and what the Holy Spirit wants from us as Christians. If you have never personally been close to the Holy Spirit, let this book be a prequel to your own journey toward speaking to the Holy Spirit in your own journal.

In this book you will find that the Holy Spirit is easy to talk to, is approachable and has a lot of wisdom for the person who wants to approach him. It is hoped through this book and the resources mentioned in this book that you will become more Christ-like and able to act and behave like Jesus in your everyday encounters from this time on.

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When the video series was started that I have made this book from, it was simply my intention to get to know the Holy Spirit and bless the regular viewers of my videos. I have a series of Conversations with God, and I simply wanted to capture a record of my new conversations with the Holy Spirit. It wasn’t till a few videos in that I even thought to make a book from them, and it wasn’t till later that I began to switch my attention to the reader and not just myself. Initially the conversations were about me and my issues in life.

I hope that you can bear this in mind during the early questions and subjects in this book. This is a look at my personal life and my interactions with the Holy Spirit first and foremost, and then in later questions it was turned, hopefully, to a wider audience. I am a fallen man, and a sinner, and someone who is very transparent when it comes to my struggles with sin. I hope as my sin-life is mentioned that you can see that this book is about one man’s journey in life, and casts a view of the personality of the Holy Spirit in all matters.

I don’t profess to be as popular as Benny Hinn and his book “Good Morning, Holy Spirit” or Madam Jeanne Guyon and her intimacy with God, but I am a simple writer with a deep faith, and a person that is not perfect by any means. I pray that this book really touches you.



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