Intermittent Fasting: Vegetarian Guide For Burning Fat Romeo Wiggins by Alpha Alexander

Vegetarian Guide For Burning Fat Romeo Wiggins

Intermittent fasting: vegetarian guide for burning fat  romeo wiggins


 If the body isn't being properly nourished and supported during any dietary change we will ultimately fail.  This is where intermittent fasting is different.   Intermittent fasting can help you lead a more balanced, healthy life. It will help you to lose that extra weight in an easy and healthy way by working with your body instead of against it.  'IF' also works with your mind.  One of the biggest challenges in losing weight and changing our diets is overcoming the thought that it's forever, that we'll never be able to consume our favorite foods again!

For runners, mixed martial arts fighters, boxers, swimmers, and general athletes, it’s more than just about keeping yourself fit enough to get the job done. When it comes to competitive sports, fasting can become an essential method that you use in order to make your weight. But it’s not without its risk. When done right, then you are able to get all the perks of a good and well maintained diet combined with exercise, when done wrong, it can lead to more complications

If you are ready to take action and change your life for the better, this book will definitely guide you in the right direction!

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It’s unlikely that the body will enter the metabolic state of ketosis within a short time of fasting, but a fast that lasts longer than 24 hours can have this effect. When no sugar is being supplied to the body, it switches into ketosis to get energy. The liver breaks down fat to produce ketone bodies that can be used as fuel in place of sugar. 

Some types of cells in the body cannot be fueled by ketones, so these are fed with the glycogen that is stored in the liver or muscles. If the glycogen stores are depleted, new sugars can be made during a process called gluconeogenesis. Protein is a primary component used in this process, which leads many people to be concerned that they will lose muscle mass. Using autophagy, the body actually clears out dead, unnecessary, or worn-out cells which are then used in gluconeogenesis, as well as using proteins from the skin and connective tissue. This can be beneficial to the body because the proteins that are broken down are then replaced. By clearing out the old, it makes way for the new. This can improve cellular function overall. If the body is starved for drastically extended time, it may start to break muscle tissues down. However, on a schedule like in the intermittent fasting methods presented in this book, it is highly unlikely.

As mentioned before, the body cannot run on fats and sugars at the same time. When you break your fast with a normal meal, your body will come out of ketosis and begin to use the sugars in your food for energy. A diet that works well in conjunction with intermittent fasting is the Ketogenic diet. This type of eating focuses on entering and maintaining the metabolic state of ketosis by drastically reducing the number of sugars and carbohydrates intake and focusing heavily on feeding the body healthy fats.

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