Intermittent Fasting: Ultimate Guide To Lose Weight And Detox Naturally And Improve Metabolism by Jeff Rich

Ultimate Guide To Lose Weight And Detox Naturally And Improve Metabolism

Intermittent fasting: ultimate guide to lose weight and detox naturally and improve metabolism


There’s a mistaken belief that you have to live on chicken and broccoli if you want to get ripped fast. In reality, getting in shape fast involves hard training and a sensible approach to eating. If It Fits Your Macros is not all about eating all of the wrong foods, as some internet ‘bros’ would have you believe. In reality, it’s about setting your goals (whether they’re building muscle fast, cutting, recompositioning or otherwise) and then working out your target body weight and bodyf at, before then understanding what you need to eat to get there. We show you how to do all of this in this guide.
Inside this book you will find a plethora of valuable information regarding a way of eating that is gaining popularity at a rapid pace in the health and fitness world. This diet protocol, intermittent fasting, comes backed with scientific evidence to support a multitude of health benefits such as weight loss, increased mental alertness, and even a longer lifespan that women all of ages can enjoy. 

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This is the most flexible and in my own opinion the most easiest to begin. You begin this fast by eating regularly for 5 days out of the week. You then choose 2 days out of the week in which you will fast for a full 24hrs. But these two fasting can not be back to back. That’s why the idea was labeled as eat-stop-eat. 


The goal is to reduce the amount of your calories you consume for the week and not just focusing on a day to day basis. As we stated earlier the average person burns around 2,000 calories a day, so that would automatically put you into a 4,000-calorie deficit for the week. Which is a little over 1 pound lost per week. 


An example of this diet is say you choose Monday and Wednesday as your fasting days. You would stop eating at 7pm Sunday night then eat your first meal Monday at 7pm. Then you would eat regularly until Tuesday at 7pm, fast until Wednesday 7pm and then begin eating regularly again. This is a fool proof method and a very helpful tool to begin losing weight easily while also sticking to your diet.

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