Intermittent Fasting: Secret To Lose Weight Fast For Women by Salutem Collins

Secret To Lose Weight Fast For Women

Intermittent fasting: secret to lose weight fast for women


A lot of people want to understand why they can’t lose weight even though they are putting in a lot of effort. Logic entails that working out and controlling your meals should be enough to help you lose weight, but the reality is not that simple... Eating at the wrong time or snacking can have devastating consequences – in the end, they contribute to the factors that stop you from losing weight... You will be able to understand how your body functions and that hunger has a peak point after which it disappears. In the end, you’ll be able to fast without too much effort, and you won’t feel like you are starving all the time. 

If you follow these instructions, and stick to it - you'll find better health and longevity. Caloric Restriction is a term used to simply describe "controlling your food intake". You'll learn "when" to eat, and you'll eat the foods you enjoy! You cannot find a more fail-proof "diet" or way of living! Enjoy this book and post a review. We need to spread the word for people who have bought into false dieting claims, wasted their money on products that simply don't work, and desire a healthier body.

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When you eat, your body will take a few hours to process the food, burning what it can from what you just ate. Because the body now has this readily-available, easy to burn energy, your body is going to choose to use this as energy instead of the fat that your body has stored. This is especially true if you have eaten sugar or carbohydrates since the body prefers to burn off sugar for energy before anything else.


During your fasted state, the time when you aren’t consuming anything, and the body isn’t digesting food, the body doesn’t have a recently eaten meal to use for energy. During this time, it is more likely to use fat stored in the body because it is the only energy source that it has available.


This is also what happens you work out during your fasted state. Without a supply of glycogen and glucose to use, which you have depleted over the course of your fast, and hasn’t been replenished a meal before your workout, the body is then forced to adapt and pull from the only energy source available: the stored fat.


The body reacts to energy consumption by producing insulin. The more sensitive to insulin the body is, the more likely you will be able to use the food you eat more efficiently, and the body is more sensitive to insulin following a fasting period.



These changes in insulin sensitivity and production can help you lose weight and create muscles.

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