Intermittent Fasting: Low Carb Diet Recipes To Lose Weight With Fasting by Andrea Johnson

Low Carb Diet Recipes To Lose Weight With Fasting

Intermittent fasting: low carb diet recipes to lose weight with fasting


Nowadays, perhaps two of the most crucial and highly sought after diets are the ketogenic diet and the Intermittent Fasting (IF) program when it comes to trying to lose weight, gain lean muscle mass, or simply boost overall energy levels! But this popularity has recently given birth to a very intriguing question: “What would happen if I combined both of these? Would I benefit even more from them.

 Fasting allows your body to focus the energy on healing itself, instead of digesting food. Think about it… when you are ill, loss of appetite is quite common. Although there are no guarantees, there are many stories of people achieving great healing and recovery through fasting. Throughout history, healers have helped people to recover and revitalize their health through fasting. 

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There are some people they need to avoid intermittent fasting, or at least be very careful. This weight loss aid is definitely not for everybody. If you are currently underweight, or you have ever suffered from an eating disorder, then you shouldn’t start using intermittent fasting without first talking to your healthcare provider. It can be harmful in cases like this.


There is some evidence that states that intermittent fasting may not help women as much as it does men. One study found that it helped insulin sensitivity in men, but it worsened blood sugar in women.


There aren’t any human studies on this. Studies performed on rats have found that intermittent fasting made the female rats infertile, masculinized, emaciated, and miss cycles.


There are some anecdotal reports that women stopped their menstrual cycle when they started IF, but it went back to normal when they stopped. Because of this, women need to be careful if they choose to start intermittent fasting. Ease yourself into it, and if you do end up experiencing something like amenorrhea, then stop. This doesn’t mean you should try IF. None of the studies have been performed on humans, and everybody is different. Give IF a try, and if you, yourself, do experience an adverse reaction, then stop. Just listen to your body, it knows what is best.

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