Intermittent Fasting: Improve Your Lifestyle And Stay Lean And Healthy With Ketogenic Diet Recipes by Jason Alderson

Improve Your Lifestyle And Stay Lean And Healthy With Ketogenic Diet Recipes

Intermittent fasting: improve your lifestyle and stay lean and healthy with ketogenic diet recipes


This diet will help you achieve the body you want without making yourself feel extremely hungry for days. You can achieve steady weight loss with intermittent fasting and still have enough energy to perform the things you love and enjoy life. 
Intermittent fasting is not an entirely modern invention. Our ancestors have been doing this. We have been performing this unknowingly. We have done IF at some point in our lives but we are unaware of it. 

And here's the good news: The weight loss numbers provided by intermittent fasting are very doable. 

Whether you only need to lose a few pounds, or if you are an athlete seeking for ways to reduce body-fat, or if you are overweight or even seriously obese, the intermittent fasting machine can help you take a quantum leap towards the TOTALattainment of your goals. I'm not talking about losing 'some' of the weight. With intermittent fasting, you can lose ALL of the weight in a very short period of time

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Irregular eating cycles can promote insulin and blood sugar balance.
1- and 2- day fasting reduces body fat while preserving muscular volume.
You can begin anytime – no major planning or preparation needed. It is best to consult with your medical doctor before beginning any dieting regimen, but other than that, there is no other planning needed. You can begin as early as tomorrow!
Your body's insulin levels become nearly dormant and remain very low during fasting which causes your body to rely on using body fat for energy. When your insulin levels are low, your body is in peak fat-burning mode.
Very easy way to lose weight! No more crazy fad diets with crazy limitations or requirements – even better, with intermittent fasting you are more likely to keep the weight off!
You will have insane amounts of natural energy – sans the jitters and mid-day crashes!
You will perform better physically and mentally with increased clarity, alertness, focus, and peak physical conditioning.
Freedom from being a slave to counting calories, reading nutrition labels, taking weight loss/diet supplements, etc.


 Note: Most of the cons listed are issues that happen early on in the intermittent fasting routine. These things happen as a person's body adjusts to the fasting process. While many of the following issues happen during 3 or more days' worth of fasting, they have also been known to effect people on 1 and 2 day fasts as well. Symptoms will vary from person to person.

An obsession with food during fasting periods can tend to lead to binging on food when you are able to feed again. Strong self-discipline is a must until your body and mind adjusts to the fasting/feeding cycles.

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