Intermittent Fasting: Healthy Soup Recipes To Detox Your Body And Stay Lean by Stacy Wilkinsen

Healthy Soup Recipes To Detox Your Body And Stay Lean

Intermittent fasting: healthy soup recipes to detox your body and stay lean


When it comes to dieting, there is nothing better than following the current trends. In fact, in this way you are able to learn and discover a lot of dishes and healthy practices that you would not have the opportunity to experiment in another way. It also offers the possibility to become healthier. A big part of that means changing your diet and watching your intake of protein, phosphorus, potassium, and sodium and if you are not even sure what all that entails, consider Intermittent Fasting

While there are many books outlining the concept of fasting, many require a calendar and huge willpower – and the biology underlying those methods often tempts dieters into bingeing and therefore dropping off the wagon.

If you’ve tried, or do not like the sound of, hard-work diets like the 5:2 diet, carb-free diets, or keto, then this eat-(almost) whatever-you-like method may be for you.

This quick read eBook is Brittany’s story, outlining her low effort, minimal willpower routine, backed up with the science that she researched specifically to understand exactly what has been going on inside her body.

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Have you ever lost weight but when you’ve looked in the mirror you can’t see any difference in the way you look or maybe you’ve noticed a difference in the shape of your body and yet you’ve remained the same weight?

Well generally when we talk about losing weight what we really mean is that we’d like to lose body fat. After all the amount that we weigh can be influenced by our water/fluid retention, our muscle mass and density as well as our body fat.

Therefore using scales to weigh ourselves, to judge whether our diet is working can actually be quite detrimental especially if we way ourselves too often.

If you use the scales to weigh yourself too often it is likely that you will see a fluctuation in your weight which may lead you to think that you are losing weight then putting it back on and that all of your efforts are being wasted, this could lead to disappointment and quitting.

So, there are a few other options that are not only more accurate but they are more likely to show you the true effects the diet is having on your body leaving you happier and wishing to continue.

So instead of just using the scales, consider using some other methods to measure your success;

Measure your body using a tape measure and keep a track of the results once a Month



Take photographs of your body from the front back and side each week

Measure your body fat percentage and record the results

Make a note of how your clothes are fitting you, maybe you can reach that next belt hole or get into jeans that were too tight

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