Intermittent Fasting: Get Slim With Recipes And Have Perfect Beach Body by Mark Hart

Get Slim With Recipes And Have Perfect Beach Body

Intermittent fasting: get slim with recipes and have perfect beach body


This is not like any other traditional diet. It will help you in cutting down on the amount you eat while making sure that your body gets its daily calorie requirement. Most of us tend to skip breakfast and this means we end up eating two meals in a day. Intermittent fasting follows the same protocol. You get to eat two healthy meals after spaced-out time intervals.

It is by no means a magic cure for to make you feel better and look slimmer; intermittent fasting does require hard work and dedication otherwise you will fail. But sticking to it can get you down to the weight you desire and will cause a significant cut in the risks of some very nasty major health conditions.

In relation to shedding body fat, intermittent fasting (also known as IF) is revolutionary. Think about it; what other method promises you to lose weight without a list of ‘eat this not that’ and some other set of impossible to follow rules? IF prides in one major thing - allowing its adopter, more so women, to drop stubborn body fat without the usual rigor that comes with ‘special diets’. It also impacts on beauty and wholeness of any human in a major way.

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With this diet, your body will not store more fat than it needs to. Hence, you will be able to prevent obesity. Keep in mind that being overweight or obese is not healthy, and can lead to a variety of life-threatening medical conditions.

The 5-2 diet also has other long-term benefits. For instance, it reduces levels of insulin-like growth factor 1 or IGF-1, which is the growth hormone responsible for making your body age. If you have healthy hormones, your body will be able to function at its best.

Likewise, you will be able to stay fresh, young-looking, and beautiful. You will be able to prevent developing cancer. The 5-2 diet can activate your DNA repair genes, as well as reduce your risks of high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

With this diet, you will also be able to reduce your levels of bad cholesterol and glucose. You will be able to improve your cognitive functions and avoid having Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. You will also let your digestive system rest for a while.



Can Everyone Follow the 5-2 Diet?

The 5-2 diet is a generally safe diet. However, it may not be suitable for pregnant or lactating women and people with certain medical conditions. Diabetics, for instance, may experience unfavorable side effects if they follow this diet.

This is why it is crucial for you to consult your doctor before trying the 5-2 diet or any other diet program for that matter. See to it that you undergo the necessary tests, including blood test, in order to verify if you are indeed suitable for this diet.

If you go through the 5-2 diet and experience unpleasant side effects afterwards, seek medical attention immediately. Your doctor may advise you to discontinue this diet if you experience dizziness, irritability, headaches, lack of energy, and sleeping difficulty.

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