Intermittent Fasting: Easy Way To Get Slim And Stay Lean Forever by Chris Wolf

Easy Way To Get Slim And Stay Lean Forever

Intermittent fasting: easy way to get slim and stay lean forever


This is your one-stop primer for everything you ever wanted to know about Intermittent Fasting but were afraid to ask! It’s time to face your intermittent fasting fears and learn the facts about this ancient, yet trendsetting nutrition, health and wellness regime that hasn’t stopped growing in popularity since it re-emerged at the turn of the new millennium. Intermittent fasting is becoming the face of long term weight loss, lifelong weight management, the ultimate answer to weight trainers’ eating dilemmas and is making a longer, healthier life a reality for thousands of its advocates and participants.

Food always comes at the epicenter of our health. A lot about food determines how healthy we are, how we can lower our risk of suffering from various diseases and our weight among other things. While the kind of food you eat determines how healthy you are, have you ever stopped to think about how frequently you eat can affect you. When we think about our ancestors, most of them did not eat in the morning and even during the day but ate a large meal at the end of the day.


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Before getting into the details of intermittent fasting, I'd like to spend some time talking about the basics of nutrition. When we talk about diet and nutrition, we often do not know the principles that underlie our very existence and, above all, our physical well-being. We limit ourselves to eating something that others have advised us, and we often take pills and tablets advertised, which not only have no use but wrapped up can even be harmful to our health and our finances.


In order not to get lost in the sea of nutrition, the first useful thing is to make an overview of food principles and daily human needs.


Let's start by saying that all foods can be classified into five large food groups:

proteins (or protides)
fats (or lipids) 


Carbohydrates are the elements most present in our diet. They are made up of two main elements—carbon and water—that when joined together give rise to the simplest of sugars, glucose. Aggregating then into larger molecules, they form two different groups of carbohydrates: simple sugars (consisting of a few molecules of glucose) and complex sugars (formed by long chains of glucose). A subsequent classification is that which divides them into monosaccharides (a sugar molecule), disaccharides (two molecules), and polysaccharides (more than two molecules).


There are about 200 different types of carbohydrates, and oftentimes, they take the name from the food in which they are in large quantities.

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