Intermittent Fasting: Build Muscle And Burn Fat With Meal Plan by Brittany Busch

Build Muscle And Burn Fat With Meal Plan

Intermittent fasting: build muscle and burn fat with meal plan


Healthy Diet Recipe Books: Intermittent Fasting Diet and Slow Cooker Recipes The Healthy Diet Recipe Book covers two different diet plans, the Intermittent Fasting Diet and the Slow Cooker Recipes. These two diet plans work well together, since the intermittent fasting diet is not a permanent diet plan. You can go on the intermittent fasting diet to help cleanse the body and jumpstart weight loss. Once the weight loss is success, you can switch to the slow cooker recipes. Or you can be "intermittent" just like the diet suggests, and do the fasting diet for a couple of weeks every so often to re-jumpstart weight loss.

Losing weight, building muscle and gaining health should not only be everyone’s goals to increase the quality of their life, it should be a lot easier to do than it is. The problem with all of those as goals isn’t that they are difficult to achieve, it’s that the weight loss and exercise industry is a multi-billion dollar one. Millions of dollars are spent each year to convince you that without a certain product, special food, diet aid or specific piece of exercise equipment; you don’t stand a chance.

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The science behind the intermittent fasting diet is based off of the realization that humans have been fasting for many years. Fasting has been used for necessity, religious purposes, and instinctive reasons. Sometimes, when there weren’t enough food, humans would fast until there was more. In various religions, fasting is used for various purposes, often as a way to give thanks or show respect to various deities. Instinctively, humans have a tendency to fast when they are feeling sick or stressed out. Fasting is a completely natural practice that humans have been using for thousands of years.  

When we refrain from eating for any period of time, various processes in our bodies change. This actually supports our body in thriving during periods of famine or fasting. Most of these changes take place in cellular repair processes, genes, and hormones. When people fast, their blood sugars and insulin levels balance out. They also experience a drastic increase in their production of human growth hormone, which is responsible for repairing the body and supporting it in various healing processes. 

Intermittent fasting is typically done for three reasons: to lose weight, to improve metabolic processes, or to protect against diseases. Some people will also do it simply because it is more convenient than cooking and sitting down to three or more meals per day. 

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