Intermittent Fasting: Build Muscle And Burn Fat And Stay Healthy Forever by Andrew Williams

Build Muscle And Burn Fat And Stay Healthy Forever

Intermittent fasting: build muscle and burn fat and stay healthy forever


Intermittent fasting, better known as IF, is a term used to describe a type of diet where individuals develop a pattern of food intake that cycle between periods of eating and not eating. Unlike many diets incessantly promoted today, an intermittent fasting diet does not focus on which foods that should be eaten while on a diet. Instead, it teaches us when to eat and when not to eat. It also teaches us that involving ourselves in this kind of diet is not a one-shot take. For it to be effective, it should be done constantly, and for life. In this respect, if applied properly, it can be more accurately described as a lifestyle.

The typical Western diet, and this type of eating is spreading around the world as rising global obesity levels indicate, encourages the consumption of copious amounts of processed sugar and grain food products that cause spikes in ill health. Not only are these overly processed and additive foods designed to trigger overconsumption, their overconsumption leads very quickly to obesity and changes in our metabolism that, again, leads to further increases in obesity and associated problems. 

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The phrase “Intermittent fasting” may bring a lot of different thoughts to your mind. Just searching it on Google will give you 100’s of thousands of different results. In 2018 it seems like almost everyone is talking about. But what is intermittent fasting and how can you apply it to your life today? 


The definition of the phrase is broken down into 2 parts with each having its own meaning. Intermittent – meaning, occurring at irregular intervals and fasting – abstaining from all or some kinds of food or drink.  Intermittent fasting is not the miracle pill or diet that everyone looks for when initially trying to lose weight. Basically, intermittent fasting is a tool that you can use to make dieting easier. Diets are never easy and even with this great tool you must still put in arduous work to achieve impressive results.  


Intermittent fasting is not considered a diet at all. Intermittent fasting is really considered a dieting or eating pattern. It’s a plan or schedule you choose that fits your lifestyle to fast and feed at certain times of the day. It’s a tool that allows you to live a flexible life without the hassles of always thinking about food. (6 small meals a day or carrying plastic containers around all day) 


With intermittent fasting you choose a certain time or window in which you will fast and then a certain window which you will eat. Most people choose a meal to skip which prolongs the fasting window, allowing their body to go into a fasted state which causes the body to break down and utilize stored fat since there is no readily available nutritional energy

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