Intermittent Fasting: Beginners Guide To Boost Your Healthy And Vitality by Joshua Gibson

Beginners Guide To Boost Your Healthy And Vitality

Intermittent fasting: beginners guide to boost your healthy and vitality


This book will explain the concept, benefits and 'how to' of Intermittent Fasting in a way that is more than easy to understand for anybody who is reading and give you practical steps so you can implement this phenomenal health, fitness and weight loss tool.

The aim of this book is for me to share this part of my weight loss strategy which caused me to go from 21 stone (295 lbs) as a result of years of abuse to my own physique, fitness and health, to a current and lean weight of 15 stone (210 lbs) in just 8 short months whilst I am still building muscle (which weighs more than fat.

In an attempt to lose weight, we try almost any diet we can get our hands on. However, the sad thing is that most of these diets are just fad diets that don’t offer long lasting results. It is important to point out that if you want to lose weight, you need to make a lifestyle change and not just adopting a diet for few days, losing a few pounds and gaining all that weight back after a while. This is why diets that are too restrictive are hard to adopt in the long run and this is where the DASH diet comes in.

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Why is it that every year so many people struggle to lose weight and successfully keep it off? The reason is because most diets set you up to fail right from the get go. Tell me if this has ever happened to you:


You want to lose weight.

You go on a diet.
You eliminate all junk food and eat healthy 24/7.

After a week, you start to get worn out.

You get tempted by a chocolate chip cookie and eat it.
You feel guilty and binge eat everything in sight.

A few days later, when you’re feeling better about yourself, you start the process over again.


Was it your fault if something similar to this has happened to you before? Definitely not. Many diets sound good on paper, but they’re hard to live by. As humans, we have desires to eat sugary and salty foods, and that’s completely okay when eaten in the right amounts.


We’re not robots that can be programmed to eat salads for the rest of our lives. We need practicality in our nutrition plans, and unfortunately most diets treat us like we’re robots! That’s why in order to see lasting results, you must do something different from the norm. And luckily, the 5:2 diet is different from your average weight loss diet.


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