Intermittent Fasting: 1 Month Meal Plan With Low Carb Recipes To Detox Your Body by Marvin Finn

1 Month Meal Plan With Low Carb Recipes To Detox Your Body

Intermittent fasting: 1 month meal plan with low carb recipes to detox your body


Intermittent fasting can help you lose weight quicker than spending endless hours in the gym.

Are you looking for ways to lose weight? Are you wanting to increase your energy levels? Do you want to find out how intermittent fasting can help you with your lifestyle goals? If you are looking for a simple, easy to follow guide to intermittent fasting to lose weight and increase your energy levels, then you are in the right place.


This book will help you understand what intermittent fasting is and how you can lose weight and increaser your energy levels.

The Diet works because it is a lifestyle change. Not only will you learn about eating. You will also learn about other things like exercise, macronutrients, and whole foods. You will see what each food does to your body and will be able to identify what to and what to avoid eating. This book will show you how to lose some weight, how to gain control of your snacking habit and how to make your life healthier.

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There are various methods of intermittent fasting, so there is bound to be a method that suits your lifestyle. Some methods are more intense than others, and it is to be noted that the fasts that yield more radical results are generally the fasts that require more unreserved dedication. However, even small fasts can boost your metabolism and show positive results. Some methods, like the 5:2 diet, do not require a full fast, but rather a large decrease in the number of calories consumed 


Intermittent fasting has become an increasingly popular weight loss tool. In fact, intermittent fasting is the diet of all diets because it isn’t a diet at all, it’s just a structured eating pattern. The name “intermittent fasting” refers to the practice of consuming calories during a small period of time and avoiding food for a longer duration. On a normal, three-meal-a-day diet, the body is in a “fed” state for the majority of the day. The fed state is when the body is either consuming or digesting food, and during this period the body is utilizing the nutrients for energy. When the fed phase is over, the body goes into a “fasted” state. Having used the energy from the food, it now needs a new source of fuel. On an average diet, this fasted state does not last long enough to allow the body to begin burning fat as fuel because you are providing it with constant caloric intake. This is where intermittent fasting works. By skipping the first meal of the day, fasting for a full 24 hours or by drastically reducing the number of calories for a few days out of the week, fasting allows the body to reach a caloric deficit and start feeding on its fat stores to fuel itself. 

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