Innocent 1: Simone by L.A. Zoe

Simone planned to spend her postgraduation summer painting, taking care of her great-aunt, and working in an art gallery -- not mud wrestling and giving her virginity to the yard boy.

Innocent 1: simone

Simone plans to spend her postgraduation summer painting, taking care of her great-aunt, and working in an art gallery -- not mud wrestling and giving her first time to the yard boy. In this new adult contemporary romance with sex, of innocence lost, Simone discovers the real meaning of high class and how her feelings can sweep her away. The glamorous artist or the down to earth hunk who makes a living cutting grass?

Four-year college degree in hand, Simone goes to stay with her great-aunt. Free room and board in exchange for taking care of her great-aunt while sick. She can paint in the day, work at the local art gallery in the evenings. She escapes her mother and stepfather.

While she figures out how to advance into the world of fine art, meeting and marrying a wealthy, successful artist.

And saving her first time innocence for him.

She soon meets Brett. True, his paintings look . . . odd -- downright horrific. Simone accompanies him to his friend's parties. Lots of weirdoes, but what can go wrong?

Terry Leonard wants to expand his lawn care business. He and his buddy Cal can cut only so many yards every day. He understands the real money is in adding many more services. Calling himself a landscaper. Buying more equipment. Hiring more laborers.

His best lawn cutting customer, Mrs. Garrett -- Simone's great-aunt -- hires him to renovate his entire yard. His biggest job. His hope for cash to expand, and referrals from Mrs. Garrett's friends.

Simone meets Terry when his lawn mowers raise dust that ruins her painting.

Yet, she doesn't fail to notice his big, outdoor-work hardened muscles. Or his handsome -- nearly cute -- face.

Terry falls for his customer's great-niece right away, but understands a high class woman doesn't want a man who cuts grass.

Worse, Terry's relationship history consists of a long series of one-night stands. He enjoys sampling every woman, but never goes back for seconds.

Not even with his father's fiance.

His overpowering attraction for Simone disturbs him when he realizes he wants her for life. But can that feeling survive their first sexual encounter?

Besides, she wouldn't give up her innocence to the son of a rich lawyer, so why should she let a mere lawn boy possess her?

New adult erotic romance, and also an adult love story. Two new adults struggling to establish their lives. A new adult contemporary romance of two people in their early 20s learning about the world, themselves, and each other. And what adult love means for them.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / General

Language: English

Keywords: new adult, alpha male, coming of age, contemporary women's fiction, love story, women's romance, college relationships, family life, urban, death, loss, 21st century, friendship, erotic, alcohol, depression, dating, mud wrestling, single, skydiving, tornado, just out college, working class, workplace, career, abuse, happy ending, couple, female, mf, art, artist, painting, store, ambition, first time, innocence, yardboy

Word Count: 64,000

Sales info:

on Amazon it's Innocent 1: Simone The League of Worldly Wise Innocents

Originally, and on other retail sites, it's still Virgin 1: Simone, The League of Worldly Wise Virgins.

I had to change it for Amazon because they don't like the word "virgin."

Sample text:

"Come on," she said as she jumped out of the cab and slammed the door behind her. She ran around the back, then poked her head into the driver's side window and shocked him with a peck on the cheek. "Don't worry about my reputation. I'll kick you out when they come back."

As he followed her to the front door, he couldn't help but notice the length of the grass. "Your aunt's lawn is shaggy," he said. "You better get your yard boy right on it."

"He'll be here first thing tomorrow morning," Simone said in a light voice.

The air smelled of a typical suburban Sunday evening: cut grass, burnt charcoal, and barbecue sauce. Children yelled, dogs barked, and from a nearby house somebody played Katy Perry's "Hot n Cold" at high volume.

A few fireflies swooped and flashed.

"You hungry?" Simone asked. "I'm starving."

It felt weird to watch her use her key to open the front door, then follow her inside. This was Mrs. Garrett's house. He rang the doorbell, then waiting for Mrs. Garrett to answer, bringing the check. Or he rapped on the door to the back sun porch.

That's what he was supposed to do.

Yet now he followed Simone into Mrs. Garrett's kitchen. He hadn't been there since he and she discussed all the landscaping services she needed and wanted.

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