Indian Massacre in Orlando. by Walter Parks

Thet killed every man woman and child because they stoll her favorite cow.

Indian massacre in orlando.

This is the true story of an Indian Massacre in Orlando where every Indian man, woman and child were killed.  They believed that they had to do it to protect their farm animals.  It started because the chief’s favorite squaw loved cow meat.

Genre: HISTORY / Native American

Language: English

Keywords: indian, war, cow meat, squaw, kill men women children

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Arguably the last Indians living in Central Florida in 1883 were all massacred because the chief’s favorite squaw loved White Man Cow.

John asked the President of the United States to send soldiers to remove the Indians.  John didn’t think his request was out of line; after all the government had earlier been moving Indians to the “Indians Territory” (now Oklahoma) for years.

But the President wouldn’t do it.

So John had to do it.

He killed every man, woman and child.

This is the story of why he did it.

This is the story of how he did it.

This is the story of the unbelievable consequences.

I believe that Indian Massacre in Orlando is basically a true story.  I used old documents and interviews of John’s decedents about stories passed down in the family.  I also used other historical documents and research from the Internet.

I had to fill in some gaps for some of the minor details which were not available from the interviews or historical data.  I wanted to minimize such usages and therefore I have purposefully kept the story short and confined to the true data.

To help you grasp and understand the cause of the massacre I have included a brief history of the relationships between the Indians and the pioneers.

And I have included a description of the paradise in which the local Indians lived before we came.  This paradise, while not in its “wild” form, still exists and I have lived in it for most of my adult life.

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