In the cage with Lions by Pet Torres

New adult Romance

In the cage with lions

Eden is a young woman living alone in the world. One day she meets a circus and met people who will change her life. Among them, is Calton, a young man who tames three lions, Misth, Jordan and Condi.
She is fascinated when she saw the tamer in the cage with lions.
So she decides to be like him, a lion tamer and conquer not only the public but also the heart of the dominant Calton.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Contemporary Women

Language: English

Keywords: romance, new adult romance, teen and young adult romance, fantasy romance

Word Count: 19.868

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Sample text:

Chapter 1




Year 1996



            A young woman with dark hair, cut walking in the woods. She wore dirty old clothes.

            Soon she arrived to a waterfall, washed her hands and drank some water, quenching their thirst.

            She walked a narrow path that had been made by people who lived in a nearby region and used this route to enter the forest.

            But later, a snake ran in front of her way. She leaned fearlessly and grabbed the snake with her bare hands. But she kept going in the company of the animal, which scared many.

            After her long country walk, she saw a huge, colorful circus, next to a small town.

            The curious young woman decided to go there.

            Upon arrival she saw a young stacking several large and heavy boxes. His color was brown, had dark hair and eyes too.



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