Immortal Envy by A.D. Justice

Constant craving...immortal obsession

Immortal envy

Two brothers. 
Best friends. 
One woman – the subject of their mutual obsession, but for very different reasons.
The end result will change the New York City vampire clan forever. 
Immortals can hold a grudge for a very long time.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Paranormal

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Occult & Supernatural

Language: English

Keywords: romance, vampires, supernatural

Word Count: 63,551

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USA Today Bestselling Author

Sample text:


Ramses Barnett, 1786

The burning need to taste her overcame me as soon as I caught her scent on my nightly prowl. She led the way into the darkened alley, my excitement and thirst increasing with every step. The aroma of her blood stirred the savage animal deep inside me, and my night wouldn’t be complete without having her. Once we were well out of from the main street, she turned and gave me her most seductive smile.

“Shall we take care of business before we get down to business?” she purred.

“Of course,” I replied as I wedged the silver coin between the smooth skin of her ample breasts.

I hiked up her dress and wrapped my hands around her bare ass, sliding her back against the brick wall until she was waist high. It was the perfect height for fucking her while I sank my teeth into the throbbing vein in her neck. While her moans of pleasure filled the air, her inner muscles clamped around my dick, and my fangs drained her blood, we climaxed together just before her body slumped over, and death took her under. It’s called “the dead of the night” for a reason.

But one is never enough for me. That’s always been my problem. My downfall. My vice.

A vampire has to drink blood to survive, plain and simple. My cravings become insatiable at times. I find I must leave the city or risk being discovered because I can’t control my urges. The various scents surrounding me blend into one delicious aroma and send me into a frenzy. My brother, Slade, pushes me to feed on animal blood, deep in the forests where I won’t be discovered. At times, I heed his advice and disappear for weeks at a time, feeding and living as wild and free as I want.

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