I'm Sorry, You are Not a Disney Princess: A Dating Reality Check for Women by Dr. Ethan Gregory

A book to help women drop the fairy tale of the one, and find a modern man

I'm sorry, you are not a disney princess: a dating reality check for women

Ladies, for too long you have been under an enchanted spell, led to believe that there is a fairy tale life made for you if you can only find that perfect partner. Dr. Ethan Gregory has come up with a guide to help you define the barriers you might have to a successful relationship. I’m Sorry, You are Not a Disney Princess presents you with choices and you will have to test your current beliefs. Dr. G. gives you advice about how men interpret your behaviors so you can control your courtship.

The Ethan Gregory Approach is a combination of confidence, preparation, and accountability. You will learn why rules and standards that have kept women submissive and idle in a relationship set you up for failure. Embrace the EGA and see your life open up to new partners and new possibilities. If you liked He’s Just Not That Into You and Modern Romance, then you will love this book! The make your choice aspect of the book adds an element of fun to the instruction that other dating books don’t have.

Dr. Ethan Gregory keeps it very real. This is a book for grown women, and just like a decent boyfriend, Dr. G doesn’t end the book without you getting your needs met. The writing will make you laugh; blush, and most importantly it will make you think about changing your perspective.

Let’s learn how to drop the fairy tale and start finding a genuine partner. There are many quality men waiting for you to see them as potential partners, let Dr. G help you break the spell. Remember, you matter most!

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Genre: SOCIAL SCIENCE / Gender Studies

Secondary Genre: SOCIAL SCIENCE / Women's Studies

Language: English


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Why am I being such a bubble buster? Because you need to know that there are great guys willing to love you for life, but they are far from Prince Charming. They are themselves, just like you want to be loved for yourself, not some perfect princess. If you can get yourself together, then we can create a mediocre love story, the fairy tale for the new millennium. A man that neither sucks nor has a dangerous criminal record meets you; you accept his silly facial hair because he has a big dick and he enjoys chick flicks. You have great conversation, and he isn’t allergic to your cat. You live happily ever after without one separation or custody hearing. Later in life your children will not have to go to therapy for anything the two of you did to them. The end. It’s not right out of a romance novel, but it can be fun, romantic, and provide you with enough of a challenge to keep your life interesting until you die. Now kiss the handsome prince goodbye, and let’s get to work. Let’s do an exercise to reinforce what we have just learned. Repeat after me, out loud so that you, but not the stranger next to you can hear it. “I am not _insert your favorite princess____. I am a woman that is capable of loving a man that farts. I am willing to exchange royalty for a man that eats Burger King. I will marry the man that makes me happy, does not scare me, and will satisfy me sexually, no matter what my parents say about him and his lineage.”

I am proud of you already. Share your progress with the friend that self-medicates with vodka and prescription pills to tolerate her fairy tale life. Trust me, she envies you too.

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