How To Set Up Your Desk: Hack Your Desk To Get More Done In Less Time by James Christiansen

Buy this book and boost your productivity by learning how to organize your desk today!

How to set up your desk: hack your desk to get more done in less time

<h2>In today's competitive work environment, squeezing every little bit of productivity out of everything we do makes the difference between success and failure and between promotion and the pink slip! A fundamental aspect to productivity is desk organization and this book will show you exactly how to organize your desk to maximize productivity!</h2>

<b>Every single person wants to work more productively, and all of us are using different methods to gain that competitive edge. But what if there was something simple that we could change, something right before our very eyes that could revolutionize our productivity? There is--its your desk and this book will get you on the right track to having it maximized for productivity starting NOW</b>

Once upon a time, I was just like you. I was disorganized and my desk was an utter disaster. I set about finding a <i>better way</i> to declutter my desk and bring organization to my home office. This book gives you that information I've found so that YOU can also organize your own desk to boost your productivity.

In this book you'll learn:
1. How to organize your desk top and drawers to squeeze every bit of productivity out of them
2. How your desk's position can impact your efficiency and what to do about it
3. The benefits of a standing desk including my own recommendation for the best standing desk on the market
4. The psychological impacts of a properly organized and efficient desk and work space

<h2>Don't lose out on valuable productivity points any longer. Buy this book and boost your productivity by learning how to organize your desk today!</h2>


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