How To Overcome Fear of Flying: The Cure For Fear of Airplane Flights by James Christiansen

EVERY DAY that goes by, you're missing out on your life because of your fear of flying

How to overcome fear of flying: the cure for fear of airplane flights

<b>Paralyzed By The Thought Of Getting On An Airplane? Missing Out On Life Because You're Afraid To Fly? Learn How To Conquer Your Fear of Flying Today!</b>

Fear of flying is exceedingly common. The last time on you flew on a plane, undoubtedly more than a handful of passengers on that flight were scared! At the worst, fear of flying can leave you like John Madden: taking a bus everywhere, and never leaving the United States. Even mild cases of aerophobia (fear of flying) can make vacations and travel miserable. This book will solve your fears so that you can live your life again!

<i>It doesn't have to be that way! Fear of flying can be overcome!</i>

This eBook will help you overcome your fears by teaching you:
1. The facts that air travel is exceedingly safe--knowledge is power
2. Distraction techniques to focus on things other than your fear
3. Learning to trust the professionals that are caring for you in flight
4. Techniques to ensure that your have the best flight scenario (the best seats, the largest planes to reduce turbulence, etc) including the best seat selection tool online today!
5. How to directly face your fear to conquer it

<b><u>Need another reason to buy this book? Here's a fantastic one: I feel that children's literacy is extremely important, and as such, I donate 5% of the proceeds from the sale of my books to Reading Is Fundamental, the largest and most respected children's literacy non-profit in America.</u></b>

<h3>EVERY DAY that goes by, you're missing out on your life because of your fear of flying. Don't let your fear conquer you, instead learn flying without fear by using the methods in this book starting NOW.</h3>

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