How To Give Your Dog A Real Dog's Life by Owen Jones

How to give your dog a real dog's life, and make him love you for doing it!

How to give your dog a real dog's life

‘How to Give Your Dog a Real Dog’s Life – and make him love you for it’ is the complete handbook on getting a dog and looking after it, written by a dog-owner who is so passionate about dogs that his wife is sure that he was a dog in his last life!

Owen Jones has shared his life with dogs ever since the first day of his life.

He knows them so well that he’s sure that he can tell them jokes!

This is a must read!

Genre: PETS / Dogs / General

Secondary Genre: PETS / Dogs / Training

Language: English

Keywords: dogs, pets, puppy, puppies, new puppy, new dog owner, dog training, buying a dog

Word Count: 25,000

Sales info:

I wrote 'How To Give Your Dog A Real Dog's Life' on a whim, but I am a novelist so have not given this manual the time it deserves.

Nevertheless, it sells well and all the reviews are good.

I need to promote it more.

Sample text:

1 Introduction

Almost everyone has fond memories of being with animals when they were young, it is what makes people try to reproduce the situation either for themselves or their children, but what most people forget is that their parents trained those animals, they did not just come like that.

There is no such thing as a perfect pet, perfect dog, perfect human or perfect anything. There is as good as you're going to get, as best as you can make it and what best suits you.

A lot of people believe that all dogs of the same breed are the same too, but this is not really the full story. The fact is that all dogs are different within a breed and even within a litter, although they may share certain broad characteristics within a breed and even within a litter.

This is because certain characteristics are bred into these breeds by us humans and dogs from the same litter will have had the same parents and the same handlers, but each individual dog may deal with any given situation in its own inimitable way. In other words, each dog has its own personality.

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