How to Create a Complete Meal in a Jiffy by Prasenjeet Kumar

Presenting a Cookbook Like No Other Cookbook In The World

How to create a complete meal in a jiffy

From the popular website and the author of a number of Amazon Bestseller cookbooks comes a cookbook that doesn’t focus on recipes.

Instead, it shares the secret of creating a Full Meal in around 30 minutes.

How is that possible?

With just Proper Sequencing and Parallel Processing of your actions, is author Prasenjeet Kumar’s answer.

So if till now you didn’t know (or hadn’t thought about) as to how with proper sequencing and parallel processing you can reduce your drudgery by many, many fold, you have come absolutely to the right place.

In that background, the Book presents around 40 dishes grouped into 10 Full Meals consisting of: two “concepts” of breakfasts, four Indian meals, one Thai meal, one Japanese meal, and two Western meals. 

Genre: COOKING / General

Language: English


Word Count: 20,000 words approximately

Sales info:

Amazon #1 Best Seller in Indian Cooking

Sales rank: 1,000 

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The book is available for translation into any language.

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