How Long You Should Wait to Have Sex: a novel by Monique Sorgen

After Samantha sleeps with the perfect guy on the first night they met, she wonders if he didn't call her because she slept with him too soon. When she wishes she hadn't, her wish comes true, and through a "Groundhog Day" phenomenon, she goes back in time

How long you should wait to have sex: a novel

Samantha Harper is turning 30 and she is ready to meet the man of her dreams. So she does. Samantha pretty much always accomplishes what she sets out to do. There's only one problem, after she has sex with her dream guy on the first night they meet, he never calls her again.

Not used to failure, Samantha is furious at herself! She wishes she could take it back. She wishes she had never had sex with him... And to her surprise, her wish comes true.

Samantha travels back in time to the day they met and gets another chance to wait longer before jumping into bed with her perfect man. This time, she’s going to get to know him better. This time, he’s going to get to know how great she is. This time, she’s not gonna mess things up by sleeping with him too soon!

Unfortunately, her idea of waiting isn’t quite as developed as she’d hoped. So, despite waiting longer, she sleeps with him too soon again. Fortunately, that’s when she finds out that she is able to wish herself back to the last day they had sex, as often as she’d like. 

Now, with her bizarre new super power, she really can fix any problem. And most importantly, she can make this man fall in love with her! 

But does she really want a man who needs this much manipulation to recognize how great she is?

One thing is certain; Samantha is finally going to find out the answer to the age-old dilemma of How Long You Should Wait to Have Sex.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / General

Secondary Genre: HUMOR / General

Language: English


Word Count: 77,700

Sales info:

The sales rankings on this book go up and down, depending on whether or not people are finding out about it. Discoverability can be challenging, but the consistently good reviews prove that when people do find this book, they love it.

During a free sale, it's gone up as high as #1 in Time Travel Romance, #2 in Romantic Comedy, and #3 in New Adult Romance. While during a paid sale it's gone all the way up to #15 in Time Travel Romance, and #69 in Romantic Comedy, as well as broken the top #3000 over all books being sold on Amazon.

As a screenwriter working in Hollywood, I am currently working on raising money to make the movie and television versions of the book, as I am certain that will help discroverability immensely.


Sample text:

“Do you not remember any of this, from last week? It was the night before my birthday.”

“That’s today. Your birthday is tonight.” She puts her hand on my forehead to check my temperature, “Are you okay?”

I look at my cell phone to see the date, and discover that she’s right. It is last week. It’s 3 hours before my birthday. Which makes me 29 again, which is awesome! But it also makes me crazy. Which is not awesome.

“Let me see your cell phone,” I demand. I’ve gotta make sure that mine isn’t malfunctioning like my brain. I need to see if her phone’s date matches. It does.

How can this be? Is this a dream? Was last week a dream? Am I psychic, and I played it all out in advance, then woke up to do it all for real?

And even if it is a dream, how do I know which is the dream and which is the reality. Maybe it’s a dream within a dream. Because the only other possibility is that somehow, I’ve just time traveled.

Could it be that? Could I have traveled back in time? That would explain why I’m the only one who seems to know that this has all happened before. But then again, if this is my dream, that explains it, too.

Oh. My. God. This can’t be happening. This never happens. To anybody. I’ve gotta get away from these people before I really start to freak out! 

Book translation status:

The book is available for translation into any language except those listed below:

Already translated. Translated by Camille Anne
Already translated. Translated by Arianna Giorgi
Author review:
Arianna was a very conscientious translator. Clearly a perfectionish, she made less typographical and formatting mistakes than many of the other translators I've worked with.
Already translated. Translated by Sheila Teixeira and Inês Martins
Author review:
I liked that Sheila and Ines worked as a team. Because one was able to review the other's work, I had less editing to do after the final translation was turned in than I have on some of the projects that had solo translators.
Already translated. Translated by Tania Sofía Bernal Velasco

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