How and Why to Become a Vegetarian by Jack Baiesi

To become a vegetarian can be useful for the hole humanity

How and why to become a vegetarian

The author became a vegetarian eight years ago and this book is a comprehensive guide to understanding the benefits of adopting a plant-based diet. 
The first part of the book explores the reasons why people choose to become vegetarians, such as health benefits, ethical concerns, and environmental impact. 
The second part of the book offers practical advice on how to make the transition to a vegetarian diet. The author also addresses common concerns about getting enough protein and other essential nutrients and provides guidance on how to maintain a balanced and healthy diet.
The last section of the book includes simple recipes to help readers get started on their vegetarian journey. 
Overall, this book is a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning more about the benefits of a plant-based diet. The book is informative, practical, and inspiring, and is sure to motivate readers to make positive changes in their diet and lifestyle.


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Language: English

Keywords: Vegetarianism and ethics, how to become a vegetarian, why to become a vegetarian

Word Count: 3179

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