Hotel Murder (Greek Island Mystery #5) by Luke Christodoulou

'And then there were none meets Saw...'

Hotel murder (greek island mystery #5)

Greece, 2017. A country on its knees due to the on-going economical crisis. 
An atrocious domestic crime. 
A missing billionaire. 
A murder/mystery hotel with an agenda of its own. 
Captain Papacosta and Lieutenant Ioli Cara are faced with the most complexed case of their careers. Stakes are high as their own, police officers Alexandro and Valentina, are trapped in the hellish hotel. Lives are on the line and the body count is on the rise. 14 guests... 13 guests... 12 guests...
Join the investigating duo on their final journey of suspense, mystery and murder across the turquoise Aegean sea.

Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Police Procedural

Language: English


Word Count: 60000

Sample text:

Chapter 1

City of Athens

It could have been another dull Tuesday. Yet, the day would go down in history as the day she murdered both her children.

Despoina Lemoni stood motionless, trapped between the dirty oven and the empty fridge; trapped in a life she no longer wished to live. The house phone hung by her side, slightly swinging by its faded-yellow, twisted cord. She could not bear to hear another word. The menacing voices roaming around her mind’s darkest corners were enough noise.

‘What’s wrong, Mummy?’ her three-year-old daughter asked, lifting her head out of her Minnie Mouse coloring book. She sat, cold and hungry, leaning on the worn-in kitchen table, wondering why her mother was sad, day in, day out. A pale ghost of a being that was once her mother. Lina raised her voice and finally caught her mother’s attention.

‘Nothing,’ Despoina mumbled in reply, scared of the wild thoughts being born inside her head. She had not yet digested what her husband had just revealed to her.

Lina looked across the table at her infant sister. At least she always smiled at her. The nine-month-old baby happily banged her pink rattle upon the checkered blue-and-white vinyl tablecloth; both colors unable to hide the stains of ketchup, oil and other condiments that had fallen to its surface over the course of the last few months.

Five months had passed already since Despoina lost her house.

‘Lost my house!’ she grumbled. She hated that sentence. ‘I did not lose my house. The bank took it away.’

Despoina gazed up and for a few serene moments looked out of her narrow basement window at the feet rushing to work on the cement pavement above; the dark clouds forming adding to their haste. Black shoes, brown shoes, flats, high heels all zoomed by her trembling, watery eyes. She craved for a job to rush to. 

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