Hindi verbs (100 conjugated verbs) by Editorial Karibdis

How to conjugate 100 Hindi verbs

Hindi verbs (100 conjugated verbs)

Especially written for electronic devices, Hindi verbs has an introduction to the formation of all verbal tenses in Hindi, as well as 100 essential verbs fully conjugated with their meaning. This book allows the user to search in all the text because it has no images or vanishing or unreadable text.


Secondary Genre: FOREIGN LANGUAGE STUDY / General

Language: English

Keywords: hindi verbs, hindi conjugation, regular verbs, irregular verbs, compound verbs

Word Count: 2000

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Sample text:

1. Introduction

Hindi language belongs to the Indo-Iranian languages like Persian, Urdu and Bengali. The main features of the Hindi language are:

mood: indicative, subjunctive, presumptive, imperative
aspect: perfective, imperfective, continuous
tense: present, past, future
person: first, second, third
number: singular, plural
gender: masculine, feminine
voice: active, passive

2. Classification of verbs

Hindi verbs are divided into two groups:

Regular verbs: they add the endings without changing the root
Irregular verbs: the root is modified when adding the endings

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