Her Winged Viking: A Paranormal Romance by AJ Tipton

Magic and passion ignite when best friends finally come together.

Her winged viking: a paranormal romance

Magic and passion ignite when best friends finally come together. 

Over a thousand years ago, a witch hexed a family of Viking warriors, each with one of the four elements. They live with these curses today, doomed to suffer for their past crimes forever. 

Erik is a dashing con artist, playboy, and immortal Viking cursed to carry the burden of unwieldy, broken wings. Tired of living on the run, Eric’s settled down to work at a small theme park and stay out of trouble. And if part of that choice was that it allowed him to stay close to the one person in the world he cares about apart from himself, his best friend, Siobhan, he’s not ready to tell her. 

Sarcastic, efficient, and beautiful, Siobhan is an immortal leprechaun who works as the Chief Financial Officer of a small family-owned theme park, the Winter Wondernasium. She would do anything for her oldest friend, Erik, including hiding her feelings to protect him from the forces who hunt her. 

But when an illicit scandal at the park threatens Erik and Siobhan, they have to decide what’s most important: freedom or love? 

This mature romance involves horny immortals, a matchmaking bartender, and a romance powerful enough to soar. 

This STANDALONE novella is part of the "Her Elemental Viking" series which can be read in any order. There are no cliffhangers, and each short ends as it should: happily ever after.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Paranormal

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Fantasy

Language: English


Word Count: 23,463

Sales info:

Her Winged Viking is book #3 of the very popular Her Elemental Vikings series. This holds an impressive 4.6 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon, with 10 reviews.

Sample text:

Siobhan trudged to work in a haze, dragging her fingers through the tangles in her unruly red hair and pulling her fedora lower around her head. A cup of watery diner coffee slowly burned her fingers through the cheap paper, but she barely noticed.

Did that actually just happen?

After three years together, Steve had the balls to tell her, "Maybe we should just be friends…with benefits."

Siobhan sighed. Too bad hexes are so hard to find these days. She straightened her fedora for the third time since she parked her car. In the seventeenth century, I could have gotten a good toad spell on any corner.

Fucking Steve and his fucking commitment issues.

Her heart ached like it had been wrung out and hung to dry. She would have loved to spend the day going through her long-perfected post-breakup routine instead of going to work, but her vacation days for the year were long gone.


Siobhan made her way through the entrance of the Winter Wondernasium, plastering a professional smile on her face. The effort burned her cheeks. She said a quick hello to the ticket takers and waved to the security guards.

They wouldn't be so friendly if they knew what I was, Siobhan thought, concentrating on her smile.

She caught a reflection of her hat in a plastic snowman's glassy eye and Steve's words from last night slammed into her unexpectedly. "You know how much I like you, but your horns…they freak me out. Would my children look like that?"



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Wonderful as always!
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