Her Perfect Scoundrel by Amanda Mariel

Can Celia and Jasper overcome the disaster that was their first meeting in order to embrace true love?

Her perfect scoundrel

Lady Celia Kendal has a knack for mischief, but some adventures should remain in the past. She thought that was the case where a certain marquess was concerned until he arrived at her brother’s house party, threatening to unearth her secret misadventure and upending her heart.

The Marquess of Crawford, Jasper, was captivated by Lady Celia from the moment he set eyes on her, but she demanded more than he wished to give. So he let her go, never expecting to follow her. But when thoughts of her continued to fill his days and nights, he set out to find her.

Can Celia and Jasper overcome the disaster that was their first meeting in order to embrace true love?

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Regency

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Historical / Victorian

Language: English

Keywords: Regency, historical romance, victorian, English historical romance, English rogue, English lady, historical romance hoyden

Word Count: 12,712

Sample text:

Yorkshire, England

May, 1819


Drat, drat, drat! Lady Celia Kendal did not appear a lady at all as she held her skirts and kicked the carriage wheel. Her brother Charles, the Duke of Selkirk, would be furious when he discovered what she’d done.

Her companion, Rosie, poked her head out of the carriage’s door, a scowl drawing lines across her forehead. “Lady Celia, please come back inside. This is not the thing for young ladies,” she called, her gaze narrowing. “You will see us both to ruin.”

“Come along, my lady,” the coachman urged her to accept a hand up into the conveyance.

Celia stiffened her back and turned her nose up at them. “I shall not cower within the coach and pray for a good outcome. I am responsible for this debacle and I intend to be part of the solution as well.” She turned her gaze back to the wheel. The mud encasing it reached halfway up the spokes. Still, she refused to admit defeat. Instead, she picked up her skirts and stepped into the mud. “Perhaps we can push it free?” She said, determination laced through her voice.

She moved to the back of the coach, then placed her hands flush against the boot, allowing the moisture to soak through her gloves and her skirts to rest against the rain-soaked ground.

“My lady!” The coachman exclaimed.

“Lady Celia!” Rosie gasped at nearly the same time as she alighted from the coach.

Two outriders stepped forward, their brows knitted with concern. “Allow us.”

The coachman joined them. “Indeed, return to the coach, and we will work to lose the wheel.” The coachman stared at her, his gaze imploring.

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