Her Duke to Beguile by Dawn Brower

George finds Eleanor beguiling, but can he win her heart?

Her duke to beguile

Miss Eleanor Jones is forced to find work as a governess after her father’s death. Being the daughter of a vicar gives her a certain respectability, one that she uses to her advantage. Her new position comes with unavoidable issues. The biggest one? Her new charge’s wildly attractive uncle… She does her best to keep her distance, but he’s making it difficult at every turn.

George St. Giles, the Duke of Cranbrook wants to marry. But he refuses to marry just anyone, and all the eligible ladies throwing themselves at him makes him wonder why he wants a wife. It gives him an idea for an alliance. One for men like him, and their heirs—a way to protect themselves. As he forms this new alliance he finds the one woman he could see making a life with. The problem: She finds reasons to avoid him at all costs.

George finds Eleanor beguiling, but can he win her heart?

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Regency

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Erotica / Traditional Victorian

Language: English

Keywords: romantic , duke, governesss

Word Count: 21000

Sample text:

She’d never felt like a ninny before, but this man had turned her into one with just one glance. How was she going to get anything done with a man so handsome she lost the ability to use the intelligence god had gifted to her? “Your Grace,” she said, and curtsied. “My apologies for our interruption.”

He chuckled lightly. It was like pouring warm honey sliding over her tongue. Sinfully decadent, and highly irresistible… “I do not believe you are the one at fault.” He glanced down at his nephew. “Do you want to explain yourself?” The duke lifted a brow and waited.

“Uncle…” the earl began, but clearly he hadn’t thought the duke would take Eleanor’s side. In her estimation, that made him even better than she could have imagined. Not many dukes would care about a servant.

“Don’t give me any excuses,” the duke warned his nephew. “You were running. Something I have told you not to do myself. So tell me. Why are you misbehaving now?”

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