Hellion at Heart by Tamara Gill

He's a rogue. She's a hellion. Can love be found when wealth and reputation are lost?

Hellion at heart

Sifting through the sands in the Middle East while learning of ancient cultures and buried civilizations is all Miss Hallie Evans dreams about. But when an impending scandal forces her back to England, her hopes and dreams are destroyed. Now, as a hired archaeologist for the rich, Hallie explores and studies the ancient ruins excavated on their properties.

The Viscount of Duncannon, Arthur Howard, was beguiled after a chance encounter with Miss Hallie Evans several years ago. She left an impression on him that never faded. But when their paths cross again, Arthur is determined to win Hallie's heart this time around--at all costs.

But as Hallie's buried secrets begin to surface, neither can stop society from unearthing the truth. Now, Arthur must choose between love and family duty. Can Hallie cease those who threaten her livelihood for a real chance at true love?

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Historical / Victorian

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Historical / Scottish

Language: English

Keywords: Regency, historical, romance

Word Count: 60,000

Sample text:

Surrey 1813

Hallie sat at the breakfast table with her papa, reading over the latest articles that had come out of Egypt and the wonderful finds of the ancient land that had been buried for thousands of years.

She sighed, looking out the window at the dreary, wet morning, dreaming of the heat, the sand and culture. Where spices floated in the air and invigorated the soul. Not like her life here in Surrey, where she did little except tend the garden and read in the library.

Her father cleared his throat, gaining her attention. “Hallie dear, there is something that I need to discuss with you. It is of great importance, so please let me finish before you say anything.”

Hallie set down her paper, and turned to her papa. “Of course.”

Her father, a gentleman, but one with limited land and fortune smiled a little and she frowned, wondering why he appeared so nervous. A light sheen of sweat formed on his forehead, and, picking up his napkin, he dabbed it away.

“My darling girl, this is not easy for me to tell you, and please know that I do this only because I have your best interest at heart.”

She sat back in her chair, a hard knot forming in her stomach. “Of course,” she managed, although she feared this conversation would be unlike any they had had before. Something was wrong, but what that was she partially didn’t wish to know.

“I’m sending you away to a school in France. The Madame Dufour’s Refining School for Girls is highly recommended and with your love of history, I think this will be good for you. You’re never going to achieve your dreams by only reading the books in my library. All of which are sadly lacking and will be even more so in the months to come.”

“You’re sending me away? Why, Papa? I do not understand.”

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Already translated. Translated by Evelyn T M Martins
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Fantastic translation as usual. Highly recommend. :-)

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