Heart of the Highlands: The Wolf by April Holthaus

Saucy, Medieval Romance

Heart of the highlands: the wolf

Rylan has spent most of his life keeping his identity a secret, even from those he loves. But in order to secure his future, he has to face his past. On the run as an outlaw, trying to clear his name, Rylan comes across a woman who he discovers has dark secrets of her own.

Living a simple life with her young son, nothing seemed as if it could go wrong, until a Highland drifter shows up on her doorstep. Dragging her into his world of chaos and deception, Fallon finds herself at a crossroads that may impact both of their lives.

As secrets become exposed, will Fallon choose the right path to change her life, and will it be enough to save Rylan from the noose?

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Historical

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Historical

Language: English

Keywords: Medieval, Historical Romance, Scottish Romance, Highlanders

Word Count: 59649

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Currently ranking 4.4 out of 5 stars

Sample text:

“Dinna flatter yerself, Lassie. Despite my considerable reputation with the lasses,” he punctuated the statement with a quirk of the brow and a wink, “I have no interest in ye.”

Fallon dismissed his vanity with a wave of her hand. Had he just insulted her, though?

He shifted slightly and a low groan escaped. His lips fell once again into a tight line as he ground out, “I mean ye no harm. I have lost my horse and am in need of another. If ye would allow me to take yers, I will be on my way.”

“I only have the two, and can no’ afford to lose one of ‘em. I can no’ help ye. I suggest ye take yer things and leave.”

Fallon felt heat roll over her and knew that a blush would follow as he stepped closer.

“My lady, ye and I both know that if I wanted to take yer horse, I coulda verra well have just taken it wit’ out yer permission. I am trying to be respectful. It is urgent that I continue my journey and I am ordering ye to stand aside, woman. I am a protector of the crown. I serve the King.”

“And I am the bloody Queen of the Fairies. I dinna care who ye are. The answer is no!”

Straightening her posture, she held her head high.

“Damn it, woman! Is there is no’ reasoning wit’ ye? I am trying to be nice, but to hell wit’ ye. I am leavin’ and I am takin’ wit’ me a horse!”


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