Health Issues by Owen Jones

Tips on common health issues

Health issues

The information in this ebook on various aspects of staying healthy, looking good and related subjects is organized into 14 chapters of about 500-600 words each.

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Is Stress to Blame for Your Acne Problems?

Everybody knows what stress is and we all think that the level of stress in our daily lives is continuously on the rise. This is almost certainly true as well. However, stress can be a double-edged sword, stress creates stress, which means that being stressed is a vicious spiral. Stress ever creating more stress.

Our bodies can deal with a great amount of stress and so can our minds, but if stress levels are allowed to continue to rise unchecked, something will break. It might be your sense of mental equilibrium, in other words, you might get ratty or it may be your body. The biggest organ of our bodies is our skin and so it would not be strange if excess stress caused skin problems.

This is despite the fact that most peoples' bodies last out quite well for sixty or seventy years. However, unchecked stress can be pernicious, as I said before. Stress creates more stress and in this manner, if the way your body complains about the amount of stress it is under is by breaking out in spots, pimples or acnes, then that can cause more stress, which can make the break-out even worse.

Furthermore, the fact is that it is typically teenagers who get acne, while they are going through stressful physical and emotional changes due to hormones. At this vulnerable age, when teenagers are beginning to discover their sexuality, the last thing they need is acne. This might even cause acne, which results in more stress, which does not help the acne disappear ad infinitum.

There are many possible reasons for acne, but there is also evidence that Rosacea tends to get better and worse depending on our stress levels. Therefore, you may choose to try stress management as part of your acne or pimple control routine.


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