Healing After Divorce: Grace, Mercy and Remarriage by Bill Vincent

HEALING AFTER DIVORCE is for more than the divorced person but also those who want to find God's heart concerning the topics of divorce and remarriage.

Healing after divorce: grace, mercy and remarriage

This book is being released because God has been urging me for a long time to release healing through this book. Divorce is considered to be unforgivable to many Christian beliefs. For many months this book has been in the process. HEALING AFTER DIVORCE is for more than the divorced person but also those who want to find God's heart concerning the topics of divorce and remarriage. Before we get started I want you to know it is true that God HATES divorce and we should never jump at the first opportunity to divorce the one we once loved. If you are ever going to consider the blessing of Holy Matrimony then this book can help you to avoid the missteps that lead to divorce. There is a lot that we are going to get into so may you receive revelation for yourself and let it set you free as you read HEALING AFTER DIVORCE.

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Secondary Genre: FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Divorce & Separation

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This topic of the Church’s Position is what this whole book was originally written for. I Want to help to give you a clear picture of some things to understand in your healing process. There are thousands of Christians who struggle with the issue of divorce on a daily basis. They receive different and often conflicting information from their friends and even their pastors and their churches. In the midst of their emotional pain and confusion, they find themselves wrestling with possible intellectual confusion as well. If you fit into this category, I want to assure you that you are not alone. In this chapter we will examine the Church’s position. There are principles of interpretation of Scripture, that I want to lay out before we start, as I think that they are important to the proper understanding of Scripture. We must not be closed minded as God brings fresh insight of His Word.


First, Scripture should be examined through the eyes of the people to whom it was addressed. This takes into account both their language and their culture. Think about the changes that have occurred even in our short lifetime. This same concept is true for things written thousands of years before us. The teachings of the Scriptures should be viewed in relation to the culture for which they were written. Because certain concepts are already understood in a particular culture, the Scriptures may not mention a key point because it would be unneeded. Scripture is not so complicated that only the local intellects are able to understand it. The basic meaning of Scripture is the clear understanding that an ordinary person would have in the culture in which it was written.


In the Garden of Eden, we see God’s clear and simple design for marriage.


Genesis 2:24 Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.


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