Happy Goose Year by Rachelle Ayala

The Hart Family

Will Pete’s idea of rekindling his romance with a cooked goose backfire before the countdown drops to zero?

Happy goose year

Pete and Kim Hart’s nest is empty after Dale and Vanessa’s island wedding. When Pete surprises Kim with a few extra days on the beach, she is distraught to learn they will be alone for New Year’s Eve. Pete cheers up Kim by catching a large goose to ring in the New Year while Kim’s meddling sister insists on inserting herself into their second honeymoon. With chaos ensuing, will Pete and Kim’s new year be happy or goose?

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Clean & Wholesome

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Holiday

Language: English

Keywords: firefighters and firemen, tropical vacation romance, clean and wholesome, stories with pets, family life and relationships, second honeymoon

Word Count: 18361

Sales info:

The finale to the Hart Family series. Sells well along with the rest of the series.

Sample text:

Kim Hart, mother of six, mother-in-law to five, was soon to marry off her last baby and she wasn’t ready.

“You and Pete will finally be alone,” her recently reappearing sister, Suzan, said. “He’s not looking any worse for the age. Still got those piercing blue eyes, strong fireman’s shoulders, maybe a little more ballast, but ooh, la, la, that man can still unfurl the fire hose.”

Kim’s grip on the resort balcony rail tightened. Despite the balmy December weather, the Caribbean blue skies, the lush coconut trees swaying over the white sand beaches, the nastiness in Suzan’s seemingly innocent observations grated her already frazzled nerves raw.

“Pete and I are just fine, and I’m sure we’ll find lots of things to do without the kids around.” Kim hoped the scented air fragrant with tropical flowers, frangipani, hibiscus, and coconut oil would infuse her with a measure of calmness.

Her youngest son, Dale, was about to marry the love of his life, Nessa Ransom, on the small and isolated island of Ile d’Amour along the chain of Windward Islands from Martinique to Grenada. Her large brood of children, grandchildren, friends, and relatives were taking over the island, filling up the high-rise hotel near the airport and spilling over to the bayside resorts.

The last thing she needed was to share a room with her sister, Suzan, who she’d last seen trapping Pete Hart, her fire chief husband, in her childhood bedroom. Of course, the room sharing had turned out to be a necessity because Suzan hadn’t had the foresight to book a room for herself and her daughter, Clare, resulting in Pete moving to Dale’s room and Clare hanging out with the bride-to-be, Vanessa, which left good old Kim stuck with the sister sprung out of the woodwork.

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Another fine translation and wonderful to work with. Much appreciated.

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