Guinea Pig For Brunch by Andrea Gardiner

The fascinating sequel to Guinea Pig For Breakfast

Guinea pig for brunch

“Guinea Pig for Brunch delivers excellent insight into everyday living in Ecuador with the privations of poverty and danger laid alongside the simple faith and warmth of the individuals who come under Dr. Andrea Gardiner’s care. Woven throughout, Andrea honestly shares her own questions and struggles as she brings up her daughters in a culture very different to that of her birth. More than a missionary doctor story, this is rather an unfolding of one woman’s journey of trust and obedience to the God who called her to serve the suffering. I heartily recommend Guinea Pig for Brunch, but beware – you will be challenged!” Catherine Campbell, author of ‘Under the Rainbow’ and ‘God Knows Your Name’


Secondary Genre: RELIGION / General

Language: English


Word Count: 70,000

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8,  5 star reviews, currently number 45 in Ecuador category on Kindle

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When I was a child, I somehow got the impression God created us because He was lonely and needed some company. I imagined God had need of us. I thought I had the right to demand certain things of God.  I thought it was normal to expect a long, healthy, pain-free life.

Perhaps this is why Doña Elvira´s story broke my heart so easily. I had no armour to protect myself from her devastating reality. I had no way of making sense of her suffering. 

Her lively nine-year-old son, Emilio, had just been trying to pick an orange off the tree, which grew tall and strong in their garden. It was something he had done a hundred times before. He would reach up with his bamboo cane to knock a ripe orange from a branch and then suck on its sweet, refreshing juice on a hot, humid afternoon. Children all over Ecuador were doing the same. No one ever thought that it might be dangerous.

Emilio had lots of friends. He was a kindly, fun-filled boy, who was always getting into mischief. He was his mother´s only son, the doted-on youngest, in a family of five. On that fateful day, he was playing with his best pal, Jorge.

“Let´s try and reach those really delicious oranges high up in that branch,” cried Emilio, stretching towards the sky, a huge grin on his face. Jorge was giggling behind him ready to catch the oranges when they fell. The boys were having great fun. Suddenly, Emilio´s wet bamboo cane touched the live electricity wire that passed through the branches of the tree. He was electrocuted instantly and fell to the ground utterly still. Jorge stood there in shock. Then, he began to shout.




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