Grid Down Reality Bites by Bruce Hemming

End of the world Emp attack.

Grid down reality bites

 This novel brings you a working man's guide to the end of the world. If you enjoyed One Second After and Lights Out then you will love this fast paced novel of 3 different groups surviving the confusion and terror of The End Of The World As We Know It.

Two young men, Mark and Eric struggle desperately trying to make it to their retreat in Northern California. Their truck is dead from an EMP. They have to walk 200 miles. Will they make it passed the gangs and the utter confusion of a powerless society?

George and his son Junior, are set up in a retreat in Northern Wisconsin. Everything is going along great until disaster strikes. One mistake leaves his 18 year old son to survive alone.

When the power goes out from the EMP Preston tries to convince his girlfriend to leave the big city and head to the farmstead where his friends are. Will they escape the complete chaos of the city in time or wait until it's too late?

From one harrowing adventure to the next this novel will keep you on the edge of your seat, cheering the characters on as they face the impossible odds against them.

Genre: FICTION / Dystopian

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Technological

Language: English

Keywords: end of the world, chaos, survival , dystopian

Word Count: 198,000

Sales info:

Not sellign many right now when it was first relase it was in the top 10 for end of the world type novels.

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Translation in progress. Translated by ivanildo felix
Already translated. Translated by zulay carmona

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