Greya Virus. The Story Of Two Worlds by Elena Kryuchkova

The story of rebirth in a post-apocalyptic world.

Greya virus. the story of two worlds

French - Translation in progress.

In the world of Cerulean Terra, a hundred years ago something happened that was named ‘Anger of the Dark goddess Greya’. The incident was a series of strange events that led to an inexplicable disappearance and death of many people. After a hundred years, the tragedy is still alive in the memory of people.
Azure Rimone is a young aristocrat living in the city of Aqualake. Her life went on as usual, although at times, the girl had unusual dreams.
Lily Teiwaz is a healer’s apprentice living in villages near Aqualake. Her life also went on as usual.
But the skies that Lily sees and the skies that Azure sees are different. In the skies of Lily, a mysterious flying island soars, Illusion. About which people say that it was there that the souls of those who died and disappeared during the ‘Anger of the Dark Goddess Greya’ found their refuge. Azure, however, suspects nothing of the existence of Illusion...
Why are the skies that Lily and Azure see so different? Azure has to answer this question. And also to experience various events, to learn the truth about the ‘Anger of the Dark Goddess Greya’, about the nature of her strange dreams, and why her meeting with Lily is destined.

The book was previously published under the pseudonym Darina Beloyar.


Excerpts from the book:
... That day, Azure woke up in her room as always. The sun was falling directly through the window and intrudingly breaking through the curtains. The girl did not like the bright light.
“Stupid sun,” she muttered.
Lady Rimone wanted to turn away from the sun and return to the world of dreams. But at that moment the silence in the room was broken by the annoying ringing of the alarm clock. Azure's hand instantly appeared from under the blanket and in the usual movement pressed the shutdown button on the annoying mechanism.
“The nasty clock, at least once broken!” grumbled the young lady.
But no! Alarm clocks made in Terrum, the kingdom of the Dwarves, were truly remarkable for their quality! And their guaranteed service life was at least ten years! And the classic design fit any room interior.
The Azure alarm clock was purchased only two years ago, and soon it did not threaten to break.
“I'll have to get up,” the girl said to herself. And lazily getting up from the bed, she went to the personal bathroom, the entrance to which was located right in the room.
Passing by a high silver-framed mirror, the girl glanced at her reflection. And she saw the same thing as always: the girl of medium height, slender, with long snow-white hair and pale blue eyes. A strange birthmark — a winged disk — could be seen from the neckline of the shirt. The girl had this mark from birth, although none of her relatives had anything similar.
By the way, Bell looked very much like the sister. Is that a few centimeters taller and short hair. And there was no birthmark in the form of the winged disk.
According to the current fashionable concepts of Ferrum and other kingdoms, the twins looked extremely attractive. But often in the morning at the sight of her own reflection, Azure fell into a complete stupor. For she expected to see a completely different person in the mirror. But then she remembered that it was just a dream. Or maybe what she sees now is also a dream?
“Am I Azure, who dreams that she is Kanna? Or am I Kanna, who dreams that she is Azure?” the girl said softly, as if asking her own reflection.
As expected, the answer was silence. Sighing, she pinched her cheek to make sure she woke up. The pinch turned out painful, Rimone gasped. And once again she decided that she was still Azure, who dreams that she is Kanna.
Strange night visions that she was a girl named Kanna, haunted the young lady since childhood.

Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / Apocalyptic & Post-Apocalyptic

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Paranormal

Language: English

Keywords: Girls in a post-apocalyptic world, adventures of girls, dystopia in a parallel world with fantasy element, deities and magic, female heroine, New civilization in a post-apocalyptic world, society discriminating against women

Word Count: 61335

Sample text:

Kingdom of Ferrum, year 5618 from the Great Displacement

It was the beginning of spring. This year the trees were early covered with green foliage. In a word, spring literally broke into the Kingdom of Ferrum, which is located on the mainland Solum, washed by various seas. In addition to Ferrum, of course, there were other kingdoms on the mainland.

The capital of Ferrum was called Aurum, which means ‘gold’. In the north, another city is located, which people named ‘the unofficial second capital’. Namely: a recognized pearl, the city of Aqualake.

There, in the mansion of one of the local aristocratic families Rimone lived those who were called ‘Lord’ and ‘Knight’ — two twins, brother and sister, Bell and Azure. This year they are eighteen years old. Their abilities of the Lord and the Knight were discovered long ago, when they were barely seven years old.

Of course, the question arises: what are the abilities of the Lord and the Knight? The fact is that almost a hundred years ago something happened that was ultimately called ‘Anger of the Dark Goddess Greya’. This incident was a series of strange events that led to an inexplicable disappearance and death of many people. Because of this, the population of the Earth, the Cerulean Terra, has almost halved. When strange events finally calmed down, the Council of Rulers of all kingdoms made a decision. Namely: in order to avoid even greater human losses, all conflicts between kingdoms will now be resolved through special fights. That is, two Knights (boy or girl) enter the battle, one from each kingdom. Support them with the help of magic will be Lords or Lady (boy or girl). On each side stands one Knight and his or her mage — Lord or Lady. The bet in the duel will be territories, resources or certain diplomatic conditions.

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