Greenwash: A Katerina Carter Fraud Legal Thriller by Colleen Cross

Katerina Carter and boyfriend Jace Burton's weekend getaway turns deadly when two local protestors die under mysterious circumstances. Will they be next?

Greenwash: a katerina carter fraud legal thriller

Avalanches are deadly, but high up in the mountains, something even more sinister awaits...

Private investigator Katerina Carter and boyfriend Jace Burton embark on a cozy weekend getaway just before Christmas at a luxury mountaintop lodge. While he writes the biography of a billionaire environmentalist, she explores the snowy wilderness.

Then two local environmental protesters die under mysterious circumstances. Kat and Jace race to uncover the truth only to face even deadlier disaster. The mountains take no prisoners. 

Neither does the killer.

In the remote mountaintops of the Rockies, everyone looks out for each other. Except for cold-blooded killers, that is. And the killer is creeping closer and closer. Someone doesn’t want this case solved. And they’ll do anything to stop Kat from finding the truth.

If you like intriguing mystery thrillers liberally spiked with spine-tingling suspense, you’ll love Greenwash, a bestseller full of heart-stopping adventure!

From #1 Bestselling Author Colleen Cross comes an edge-of your-seat whodunnit mystery thriller with a killer twist - one you won't see coming!

Read what everyone is saying about Greenwash:

‘OMG!! I started reading and was hooked!  What an amazing book! I was hooked from the first chapter and held bound and captive till the end … this book is awesome, and, I think, the author's best to date!!’ 

WOW Colleen Cross has only gone and done it again… it's one of those books you can't bear to put down, as each chapter ends you just "have to read one more" and before you know it it's the middle of the night!... I can and will wholeheartedly recommend Greenwash for anyone looking for a thought-provoking crime story but with all the hallmarks of a truly thrilling tale.’ 

‘Surprise twist and an ending I never expected … this is one hell of a read.’ 

‘Utterly addictive … a book you really need to finish before bedtime, otherwise you will be up all night hooked by this amazing thriller!’ 

‘When all was revealed, I was totally gut punched… a timely book and one that I feel will stay with me for quite some time.’ 

OH MY will love it! Just let me a take a moment while I catch my breath! I LOVED IT! WHAT A BOOK! WHAT AN AUTHOR! WHAT A READ! It is all consuming, there is nolet up… every twist and turn is designed to make you gasp, to make your head spin and your heart beat out of your chest.’ 

‘Brilliantly plotted, incredibly captivating, and definitely a must-read!... Colleen Cross is like a breath of fresh air. She creates characters we can't get enough of and twisty, complex stories that suck you in…She truly writes with great depth and heart, and leaves you, as a reader, surprised, highly entertained, and extremely satisfied.’ 

‘A gripping and an edge of your seat read. It made my heart and pulse race with every page I turned. It is one of those books that when you finish, you sit back and just think, wow! There is just so much more I want to say but I think I will just end up gushing and not do this fantastic book the justice it deserves. An outstanding read by an author who is one of my firm favorites.'

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The books in the series are standalone and can be read in any order. Greenwash is the third installment in the Katerina Carter Color of Money Mystery series and is set in the rugged mountains of British Columbia, Canada.  

Colleen Cross writes cozy mysteries, action adventure and mystery crime thrillers that will keep you turning pages. 


Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Hard-Boiled

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Women Sleuths

Language: English

Keywords: political legal thriller, psychological thriller, women sleuths, hard-boiled mystery and crime, private investigators, amateur sleuths, crime thriller, environmental thriller, bestseller, thriller books

Word Count: 47,778

Sales info:

Newly released Greenwash is #4 in the Katerina Carter Fraud Legal Thriller Series. The first in the series, Exit Strategy, has been #1 on Amazon worldwide. This series sells well across all retailers and readership is growing.

Sample text:

Katerina Carter glanced over at her boyfriend, Jace Burton. He ran his hand absently through his dark curly hair, head bowed, as he concentrated on his notes.

Dennis Batchelor had sent his private airplane to Vancouver to collect them. The billionaire environmentalist had handpicked journalist Jace to write his biography. He had insisted on meeting him at his remote mountain lodge in Southeastern British Columbia’s Selkirk Mountains.

Neither Kat nor Jace had flown on a private plane before. Kat couldn’t take her eyes off the view as the twin engine Cessna gained altitude and left Vancouver’s glass and concrete cityscape behind. Jace, on the other hand, remained completely oblivious to their luxurious surroundings. They were the only passengers on board.

The plane’s cavernous interior was opulent compared to a commercial airplane. Kat stretched her legs out and was surprised they didn’t hit the seat in front of her. In fact, there wasn’t a seat in front of her. The plush furniture was more like something you’d see in an executive office or a living room than a typical airplane interior. The cabin furnishings included a rectangular oak table and chairs, similar to a pared-down boardroom. Kat and Jace sat in two of the half dozen reclining leather armchairs with a table between them. It sure beat flying economy.

Kat looked forward to the weekend adventure. She was between cases in her forensic accounting and fraud investigation practice and business had slowed with Christmas approaching. She couldn’t wait for her mini vacation in the mountains. With just two weeks before Christmas, she was getting in the festive spirit. 

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