Good-bye A672E92 Quintus by Laurel A. Rockefeller

Escape A672E92 Quintus before the sun goes nova!

Good-bye a672e92 quintus

What would you do if you knew your world was about to end?

After science confirms the impending doom of planet A672E92 Quintus it falls to a team of negotiators to end the blood feuds between the two space-faring houses of Cashmarie and Xing-li. If they fail every man, woman, and child will most certainly die. 

As war rages on, two delegates assigned to the peace talks find romance tinged with the supernatural in a relationship that will make them the stuff of legends as they strive to say good-bye to A672E92 Quintus and set out in search of their new home: planet Beinan.

Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / Short Stories

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Paranormal

Language: English

Keywords: fantasy, medieval romance, paranormal romance, space opera, social science fiction, Star Trek, novella, young adult, middle grade, fairytale

Word Count: 7780

Sales info:

Chronologically the first book in the Peers of Beinan science fiction series, Goodbye A672E92 Quintus is the exciting young adult science fiction romance about how and why Beinarians left their original home world.

Sample text:

The isle of Ben-Ar glittered with the crystalline temple of Ainisil, its many spires and towers weaving together organically out of the island’s craggy cliffs with smoothness and geometric precision.  Dormers flowered near the pinnacles of each tower, amplifying the number of windows and usable working space.  Twenty zhang张away from one of the spires, a species of falco albus circled, then wringed and stooped, catching a large rodent in her talons to feed to her hungry chicks being watched over by her mate in their nearby nest.  Three stories below wound a carefully paved road leading from the docking port for low altitude shuttles one full li里 to the main entrance to the temple, a choice made to reduce the environmental impact of technology upon the area wildlife.

From the elaborately carved portal arch of the main temple entrance, Lady Brigid walked the smooth stone path with practiced precision.  Fifty zhang 张 along the path from her starting point at the heavy wooden temple doors she stopped and stood gracefully at attention.  Two figures, one male and one female, appeared as growing specks from the opposite end of the path.  Brigid smiled as slowly the features of Lord Malvyn of house Balister and Lady Abbess Sareth of house Ten-Ar became clearer to her eyes.  As they approached, Lady Brigid noticed six more figures appearing in the distance that too began to walk the smooth stone road.

Lord Malvyn bowed to Lady Brigid, taking her hand and kissing it, “Honor and respect to the lady of many names and to her ambassador in you, my lady!”

As Malvyn’s lips touched her hand, Brigid felt a shockwave of spiritual energy.  

Book translation status:

The book is available for translation into any language except those listed below:

Already translated.
Already translated. Translated by François Reiher
Author review:
Brilliant work on my sci-fi novella. Excellent communication. Very professional. would love to work on another with you again when your schedule allows.
Already translated. Translated by Kamlesh Dhavale
Author review:
Very detailed oriented. Excellent about communicating with me as the translation progressed. Worked with me to make sure the Hindi text on the cover art was correctly rendered despite Photoshop's issues with fonts and rendering of certain Hindi words.
Already translated. Translated by Felicia Salomone
Already translated. Translated by Cintia Cara
Author review:
Ms. Cara is a skilled translator whose fluency in both English and Portuguese is reflected in the quality of her work. There were no formatting errors in the final document. Rating: 5 stars

As a professional, Ms. Cara has room for improvement, particularly where the Babelcube system is concerned. On this book she failed repeatedly to ask questions, especially regarding Babelcube systems, and naturally made numerous and easily avoidable errors, some of them grievous. For example, she submitted the book as "final" without keywords, book description, or author biography. All of these are in the book page (along with other meta data). She neglected to look at this page and did not ask before submitting the book as "final." While it is certainly acceptable to be new to the system (we are were at one point), the failure to ask questions and the failure to notice basic information on the book page certainly counts against her.

Ms. Cinta needs to work on her communication skills. It is far better to ask questions while the book is in process than submit inferior work (metadata or translation) as the final book. Rating: 2.5 stars

Overall rating: 3.75 stars rounded to 4 stars.

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