Georgina by Amanda Mariel, Christina McKnight

Georgina must place her wager: Open her heart once more or risk losing everything.


A determined woman…

Wild and reckless, Lady Georgina Seton has plans for her future. Driven by the pain of past heartbreak, she will do whatever it takes to gain what she wants… and she is determined to control her own destiny. By becoming the best female archer England has ever known she will safeguard her future without the need to marry.

An ambitious man…

Born the spare, Felton Crauford is hell bent to secure his own future by amassing wealth. The mineral vein he discovered promises to be a boon, but there is one problem…the deposit runs into a neighboring estate. To his fury, the hoyden next door does whatever she can to get in his way. All while presenting a temptation he cannot ignore.

Felton and Georgina are caught up in an unstoppable yearning that threatens to destroy both of their plans. Worse, they are powerless to stop the white-hot desire blazing between them. Georgina must place her wager: Open her heart once more or risk losing everything.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Historical

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Regency

Language: English

Keywords: Historical Romance, Victorian, Regency, Saga, Historical Fiction, Sweet historical

Word Count: 30000

Sales info:

Georgina released April 18th and went straight onto the Amazon bestseller list in teh historical catagory. Book sales have remained strong and steady across all retailers and the reviews are wonderful.

Sample text:

It was only then that Georgie looked around to see who else had witnessed her disgrace. A couple of people stood farther down the curve of the Serpentine staring in her direction. She did not recognize any of them. Likely servants or shopkeepers out for a late day stroll.

She turned her attention back to Felton’s retreating form.

Her footman rushed toward her, pausing when Felton stepped in front of him.

“It would not pain you to be more attentive to your mistress,” Felton said, his tone rough and demanding. “See that this never occurs again.”

The footman nodded and Felton stepped aside, allowing the man to pass.

Georgie’s irritation only rose with the exchange. Felton did care about her in some regard to be so angry. However, she could not allow herself to care for him, not again.

She fought the urge to call after him, to apologize and thank him for saving her. This was for the best. She bit her lip to stop the words from coming as she watched him stomp across the stretch of grass.

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