Frosted Sweets by A.M. Willard

Cupcakes, a bit of chaos, and love.

Frosted sweets

Morgan Lewis, a hopeless romantic and the bubbly owner of the Polka Dot Bakery, couldn't wait to wed the man of her dreams. Feeling giddy as she walks through the park carrying her beautiful wedding dress over her shoulder, she sees a sight no soon-to-be bride should ever see. In that moment, the wedding of her dreams becomes a story fit for a gossip magazine. As tears stream down her face, she wonders who to cancel first; the church or the caterer. 

Insert Jayden Rivers whose career in production has him relocated to Atlanta. His mother always said it would take a special woman to lure him away from his work, but he felt like someone sucker punched him when he saw her... the sweet smelling goddess carrying a wedding dress through the park. Will Jayden be able to set the camera aside and restore Morgan's faith in love? 

Frosted Sweets by International Bestselling author A.M. Willard brings women a pinch of contemporary romance, a dash of romantic comedy, and a sprinkle of chick lit in one delicious treat. 

Genre: FICTION / Contemporary Women

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Satire

Language: English


Word Count: 65,430

Sales info:

Frosted Sweets has been on the top 100 of Fiction Satire for over two months now. It was also an International Bestselling title in April hitting the #1 spot. 

Sample text:

I’m standing on the podium as I admire myself in the tri-fold mirror and sway my wedding dress from side to side. When I peer up and catch the eyes of my mother behind me, I know this is the perfect gown. They say when you find the one you’ll feel like a princess, and I do. My body is covered from my chest down in the purest white satin I’ve ever seen. It’s December and two weeks away from my wedding. I went with a strapless dress that comes with a matching jacket. A string of pearls runs along the underside of my chest where the pleats gather to flow toward the floor. Since I’ll have to wear the jacket at some point, I’ve opted for the not-so-traditional veil. I’ve chosen a two-layer tulle face blusher, adorned with the same pearls as the dress. It’s just the touch of sass and romance that I need to make it mine.

I turn and smile at my mother and best friend, Francesca, better known to us as Frankie. “What do you think?”

“You look gorgeous, and Simon isn’t going to know what hit him when you walk down that aisle,” Frankie says.

“Mom, do you like it?”

“Like? I love it, and you were right, this is the one.”

“I told you it would be perfect.”



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Already translated. Translated by Stephanie K.
Already translated. Translated by Michela Tetto
Already translated. Translated by Andreina Heredia

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