Fragments of Grace by Kathryn Le Veque

Keir must once again wield his sword to save the woman he loves

Fragments of grace

1291 A.D. – Keir St. Hever is a powerful garrison commander for Lord Coverdale on the border of the Cumbrian vales. Whilst attending battle, he receives word that his own castle is under attack. Keir returns to Pendragon Castle to discover that his wife and daughter have been murdered, and his young son is missing. So begins Keir’s descent into hell and despair.

Three years later, Keir is still searching for his son as he is called upon to rescue the family of an ally whose castle is under siege. Once Keir fights his way inside, the damsel he is supposed to rescue does not believe he is there to assist her and a great battle ensues. But somewhere during that battle, Keir finds a strange and uncontrollable fascination with the Lady Chloe-Louise de Geld. When she’s not trying to gouge his eyes out, he catches glimpses of a woman of magnificent red hair, porcelain skin, and delicate features. And so, the love story begins….

Chloe is a much sought after beauty, brilliant, sweet and feisty. She awakens within Keir long-dormant emotions, feelings he believed died when his family perished. He doesn’t want to love Chloe but he cannot help himself. His attention should be on finding his missing son but he finds it diverted by a woman he is falling more deeply in love with by the day.

A vindictive and evil neighbor, however, who has wanted Chloe for his own, discovers St. Hever’s interest and uses lies and manipulation to convince Keir that he has Keir’s long-lost son. He proposes a trade – Chloe for the boy. Before Keir can make a decision, Chloe takes matters in to her own hands and the situation goes horribly awry.

Through death, battle, vengeful enemies and ghostly visitors, Keir and Chloe’s love remains strong and unbreakable, and in the end Keir must once again wield his sword to save the woman he loves. With flashbacks of the family he was unable to save, will he be too late?

Genre: FICTION / Romance / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Historical

Language: English


Word Count: 133,763

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Sample text:

“Keir, you must not!”

A big knight with bloody, well-used armor was standing in his way, blocking him from proceeding up the stairs. They were narrow, steep steps that Keir knew extremely well, considering this was his castle. Right now, his closest friend stood between him and what was at the top of the steps. Keir St. Héver was so far gone with anguish and panic that he lashed out a massive fist, striking the knight in the jaw and sending him in to the wall. Keir tried to shove his way past the man but the knight wouldn’t budge. He grabbed Keir as he attempted to push past.

“Nay,” the knight breathed, his cornflower blue eyes intense. “Keir, please no. You must not....”

Keir roared with frustration, shoving past, scrambling up the stairs now on his hands and knees because Michael of Pembury would not let him go. Michael held on to Keir’s legs, trying to keep the man from seeing what was at the top of the stairs. But Keir would not be stopped – he kicked at Michael, his closest friend, a man who was only trying to protect him.

God help him, Keir knew that. He knew that Michael was only trying to spare him. But he had to see for himself what Michael had seen, what a few of his soldiers had seen, when they had finally retaken Keir’s castle and went in search of his young family. His wife and two small children had been in the castle when it had been breached by an envious and vicious neighbor. The man had waited until Keir had taken more than half his army on a mission to a neighboring fiefdom before acting on his jealousy.

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