Fractals of God by Kathy J. Forti Ph.D.

A Psychologist's Near-Death Experience and Journeys into the Mystical

Fractals of god

A Journey into the Mysteries of Divine Creation...

From one woman’s near-death experience, comes an astounding story that explores the depths of man’s beginnings and the very blueprint of creation.  In Fractals of God, clinical psychologist, Kathy Forti, shares how in 2003 her heart stopped and she was helped to return to Earth by inter-dimensional beings of light whose goal is to bring healing to our world.

With this new guidance, she journeyed into the realm of physics and sacred geometry, and learned how key mathematical information affects the consciousness of the cells.  Dr. Forti’s mystical experiences will forever alter your concepts about life, healing, and man’s true potential for evolutionary change.  This revealing and insightful story speaks to the very essence of our soul’s purpose - to find a greater connection to the God Source in all living things.

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Language: English


Word Count: 61,594

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Newly published at the end of May 2014.  Available on Amazon print, Kindle, Apple iBooks, B&N Nook.

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As I walked to my car, parked in an open lot adjacent to my office building, I glanced up at the moon.  It looked like the moon on any other night, not necessarily any brighter or dimmer.  Unlike my client, it held no real significance for me.  My mind was too busy going over my current clinical caseload.  I had a number of very challenging clients, and I wondered if anything I was doing was really making a difference.  Every therapist questions their effectiveness at some time or another—some more so than others.  Since the attack on the World Trade Center, it felt like the clients I saw were even more fear-based and anxiety-ridden than ever before.  You could clearly divide life into pre-9/11 and post-9/11 thinking.  The world had clearly changed and my job, like many other mental health professionals, had become more difficult.  Was I ready for a change?  Sure, but I had no idea what direction or form it might take.

Just as I was reaching for my car door handle, I felt an unusual “whoosh” move out of my chest area.  It was so dramatic and unexpected that it stopped me in my tracks, making me wonder-- “what the hell was that?”  It felt like something had left my physical body, and I was now no longer the same person I was seconds earlier.  I felt totally bereft.  I felt a profound sense of emptiness, a sense of acute loss like nothing I had ever experienced.  It felt akin to what one might feel if they had suddenly lost their entire family.  And with it came the startlingly clear knowledge that I was done with my work here on Earth, as I knew it. 

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Already translated. Translated by Natalia Mora
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Very nice work! I even had someone who teaches Spanish look it over and she rated Natalia's translations VERY GOOD!

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