Forever My Rogue by Amanda Mariel

A rogue that cannot be ignored…

Forever my rogue

A rogue that cannot be ignored…

Lady Annabelle Lindlow has high hopes that the magic of the rose quartz will lead her to her true love. Until the stone puts her in the path of a well-known rake, the Duke of Rutland. Convinced the quartz cannot mean for her to fall in love with a notorious rogue, she dismisses the idea and sets her sights elsewhere. But when Annie once again finds herself in close quarters with the duke, she is forced to reconsider. Perhaps the stone knows best?

A lady far to enticing…

Evan Colborne, The Duke of Rutland, is captivated by Lady Annabelle Lindlow. The striking beauty with a quick-witted tongue may be his perfect match. Too bad the lady seems resistant to his charm. After a series of events places him in her path, making him impossible to ignore, she comes willingly into his arms. And Evan vows to never let her go.

True loves test …

When Lady Annabelle and the Duke of Rutland embrace their feelings, disaster strikes. Can true love triumph? Or was the match destined for failure?

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Regency

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Historical / Victorian

Language: English

Keywords: Regency Romance, English Duke, Historical Romance England, Regency Rogue, Victorian romance, Rogue, Historical Romance Duke

Word Count: 20,620

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I am a USA Today Bestselling Author.

Sample text:

Lancashire England, 1813

The following morning…


Lady Annabelle Lindlow clutched the rose quartz in her gloved palm as she stepped into the jeweler’s shop. She’d insisted on having the stone placed on a chain while her cousins purchased paint supplies and visited the haberdashery.

Annie smiled at the jeweler as she approached the counter. “Good day, Mr. Farthington.”

Mr. Farthington returned her smile, grey eyes sparkling. His face was creased with wrinkles and his hair had long ago turned white. He pushed his spectacles further up his nose, then said, “Good day. How may I be of help, Lady Annabelle?”

Annie unfolded her fingers to reveal the rose quartz. “I would like to have this put on a chain. However, I do not wish to alter the stone in any way.”

Annie and her cousins, Eva, Lilli, and Henrietta, had all agreed it would be best to keep the stone exactly as it was. They did not wish to see it cut or drilled into. Not because they feared it would affect the magic of the quartz, but because they felt it was too special to Gran. A testament to the love she and Grandpa had shared. It would be a tragedy to see it changed, according to Lilli, and the rest of them quite agreed.

“Would it be possible to put it on a chain without altering the stone?” Annie asked.

Mr. Farthington leaned over her hand and looked closer at the stone. He reached for Annie’s treasure, then paused. “May I?”

“Oh yes, of course,” she said, stretching her hand closer to him.

He picked the stone up and turned it over in his weathered hand. “Rose quartz.”

Annie nodded her head, even though it was more of an observation than a question.

He held the pink stone up, allowing light to bathe the quartz and shine through.

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