Flights by Tony Ruano

child literature (poems and short stories).


This book is a collaborative project between a writer grandfather and his artist granddaughter. Tony Ruano and Kelsy C. Ruano come together to create a magnificent book that consist of twelve poems, a short story, and nineteen illustrations beautifully and creatively done. The imagination is the mood that serves as ambience in the narrative and poetry at all times . The visual effects build into the magic displayed in the colorful illustrations. A work of art and literature for both young and old. Flights will transport you to a world of colorful and magical moments never to be forgotten.

Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Short Stories

Secondary Genre: FICTION / General

Language: English

Keywords: Child's literature, Poems for child

Word Count: 2,174

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Sample text:


My dad is a sailor.

He took off to the sea

In a pretty sailboat

Sailing away from me

My dad is a sailor,

And when he’ll be back

Shells, stories and kisses

He’ll bring me in his sack



Captain, I dreamt I was a steam boat

And when I climbed aboard

Raising my flag and I started to float

Towards the unexplored

A clearly happy rainbow

Lent its colors to the prow

And on the stern, some butterflies

Dozed on flowers till the sunrise

The holds are fully loaded

Of chocolates and toys

For all the children devoted

Whether they’re girls or boys

At starboard many puppets

And a bold puppeteer,

My steamboat’s always full

Of purest love and cheer.



There is a fountain in my park

It sparkles even in the dark

Fish can be seen

Since the water’s so clean

Swimming together and saying “Hello”,

While my paper sailboat

Sails smoothly with a gentle blow.


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Already translated. Translated by Marcel Sohrmann
Author review:
Marcel did a great job in my book VUELOS. Fast and accurate always keep the communication open between us. I hardly recommended his services. Tony Ruano
Already translated. Translated by Monica Gioffredo
Author review:
Was a real pleasure work with Monica Gioffredo in the translation of my book "Flights." She was very professional all the time and have the job done right in time for publication. I recommend her service for all writer looking for a serious professional translator.
Tony Ruano
Already translated. Translated by Toru Suzuki
Author review:
Toro Suzuki is a professional translator that I'll recommend to my writers colleges. He keep open to interchange ideas during the process and always was very cooperative. For me was a pleasure and an honor to work with Mr. Suzuki in this project.

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