Fancy Lady & the Desperadoes by Dee Dawning

unable to find respectable employment & with nowhere to turn, Valerie accepts a temporary position as a courtesan at Rosie's Parlor—an elegant Virginia City brothel.

Fancy lady & the desperadoes

Well-bred and genteel, Valerie Johnson travels by train and stagecoach from Boston to join her husband three thousand miles away in Virginia City, Nevada, only to discover she is a widow. Low on money, unable to find respectable employment, she accepts a temporary position as a courtesan at Rosie's Parlor—an elegant Virginia City brothel.

When godlike Duke Dugan picks Valerie, they both wonder if it is lust or love at first sight.

Fascinated by the beautiful, flaming-haired prostitute he calls Red, Duke, wishing to learn more about her, takes her to dinner in Virginia City's finest restaurant. To her dismay, Valerie finds out that Duke is a rebel captain, who, along with his two brothers, is on a desperate mission for the despised Confederacy. She would tell the authorities, except there's one problem—she's fallen in love with him.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Language: English

Keywords: Historical erotic romance, Western erotic romance, menage a quatre, Civil War, Mark Twain

Word Count: 35000

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Book is fairly new. It's had steady, almost brisk sales. Reviews have been good too. See 2 reviews below below:

5.0 out of 5 stars Looking for a romance book that stands far apart from the rest…this is it! August 28, 2014
By J. Summers
Format:Kindle Edition
I had a blast reading this historical romance!!! From its vivid scenes and intriguing plot, to its fascinating characters. “Fancy Lady & the Desperados” will completely capture you and not let you go! It definitely had me excitedly reading into the wee hours of the morning! I’m a sucker for romances, and particularly enjoyed reading about the blossoming love shared between Valarie and Duke.  The other characters are great also, and together they all make this one unforgettable story! If you are looking for a romance book that stands far apart from the rest, this is it! With its historical setting, clever plot, fun characters, passionate love, and sensual scenes, it is a book that you definitely wouldn’t want to just pass by.

5.0 out of 5 stars Quick, fun read July 9, 2014
By Sheila Gallagher
Format:Kindle Edition
Valerie becomes a fancy lady when her husband dies. Duke comes into the bar where she plies her trade as he is on a secret mission for the Confederacy. Duke buys her for the night then decides he wants her longer. She decides she wants him also. She goes with him and lives with him and his brothers as they wait to complete their mission. When it looks as though Duke's mission has failed and he fails to return to Valerie she goes to find him.

I liked Duke and Valerie. I liked that Duke did all in his power to save his brother even if it meant sharing Valerie with him when he is injured. I loved that Mark Twain is in the story and vies for Valerie. The humor is fun. I would have liked to see how Duke and his brothers shared Valerie and how other women fit into the family when the time came. I liked how it came full circle in the ending.

A quick, fun reading that will help you escape reality.


Sample text:

“Bartender,” he bellowed, “I need a bottle, a bath, and the fanciest lady you have.”
His gaze languidly circled the room, and she held her breath, her mind willing his selection. When his azure eyes locked with hers he yelled, “That one, she’s mine,” Valerie became light-headed.
The man grabbed the bottle and glass. “I need another one for the lady.”
Cliff, the bartender, produced the requested glass and the man threw a silver dollar on the bar. “Thanks. Set my companions up, too, would you?”
Cliff nodded and slid over to wait on them.
The man directed a devilish grin at her. Valerie’s nipples swelled from the molten stare of his blue eyes. After throwing the saddlebags back over his shoulder, he ambled, glasses and bottle in hand, toward her. She studied him. Unkempt, dark brown hair hung in mild, attractive curls from beneath his tan, weather-beaten hat. His jaw square, a narrow mustache rested between his hawkish nose and narrow lips set within an angular face. He was beautiful…and he’d picked her.
He stopped two feet from her. “What’s your name?”
“Can I call you Red?”
He casually smiled. “Everyone else does.”
He smirked. “Good. I’m Duke, and I need a bath. Would you take bath with me, Red?”
Almost numb from his sensual aura, she nodded. “Sounds like fun.”
A twangy voice drew their attention. “Duke, I’m going to be busy for a while.”
For the first time, she got a good look at one of his companions.
Young and handsome, he stood with an arm around Maude and the new half-breed girl.
Duke chortled. A small appeared on his face. “Two, huh? Can handle two?”
“Don’t know. I aim to try. Goin’ to make up for lost time.”

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