Falling for her by A. C. Meyer

"It's a book, but could be a Hollywood movie" — COSMOPOLITAN Brazil

Falling for her

Music, fashion, and the vibrant landscapes of Rio de Janeiro set the stage for an uncommon love story.

Mariana Costa’s life is good. She has fantastic friends, is close to her family, and works a dream job at the internationally-renowned fashion magazine, Be. There is only one problem … she’s madly in love with the one man who is not only out of her league, but is completely unattainable: her boss.

Carlos Eduardo is confident, sexy, and established. He dates supermodels and runs a successful magazine. His life is perfect; or was perfect until he admits he has feelings for the most unlikely object of his affection. His assistant is smart, sexy, and everything he ever wanted in a woman—but she’s not only nothing like the women he usually dates, she is his employee, and therefore untouchable. But touching her is the one thing he can’t seem to resist.

Outside the office, Cadu and Mari explore tenderness and passion. But they are from completely different worlds, and when those worlds collide and threaten to destroy not only their fragile bond but the very magazine they work for, they must decide whether falling in love is worth risking it all.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / New Adult

Language: English

Keywords: romance, rio de janeiro, boss, contemporary romance, music

Word Count: 65145

Sales info:

This book was originally published in Portuguese and later in English. In Brazil, it was a sales success, with more than 10k paperback copies sold.

Sample text:

Today will be a tough day.

Three meetings, one of them with the team, to talk about the preview of next month’s issue, which sucks. Pages and pages ready to go straight to the garbage can. I knew I had to find a new editor but I’d been postponing it. Renée had been with us forever and I knew the dismissal would come as a shock to her.

I get out of the car, parked in the garage of the building where Be’s office is, the fashion magazine I “inherited” from my father as a punishment for all my years as a “crazy teenager” (his words, not mine), instead of one of the more serious magazines from our group like I expected, and that now was my whole life.

I put on my suit jacket before getting in the elevator. I take a look at myself in the mirror and I like what I see. The tailored suit and the silk tie help form the picture of a successful businessman.

While I wait for the empty elevator to take me to the twelfth floor, I check my watch and smile at the thought that Mariana, my super-competent assistant, will make me my coffee and take it to my office exactly three minutes after I arrive.

She’s been working with me for three years and she’s excellent. She’s got good ideas and she’s a breath of reality in the somewhat plastic world we live in. Man, I’m so poetic today, I think to myself. We have a nice professional relationship and I’m lucky to be able to count on someone who, more than anything else, is able to put up with my moody days and keep my routine in check.


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